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‘Bible-burning fest’: Calls to set alight Malaysian Bibles for use of 'Allah' spark outrage

23.01.2013 17:20

Leaflets inviting people to a “Bible-burning festival” have stirred outrage in Malaysia. This coincided with a nationalist group leader urging to “seize and burn” Malay-language Bibles, prompting calls for his prosecution.

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Iz Tuhan 24.06.2014 06:48

Every language has a name for the great spirit beyond ordinary human consciousness and understanding
&q uot;Allah"is not a Malaysian word


lordlebu 20.01.2014 03:11

Burnt the 'Origin of species' today, zero riots.


Mureed Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah 14.10.2013 13:24

You are all chicken to publish your name and destroy our beloved prophet...

You all non believer has black heart thats destroys your character and YOUR ALL enjoying making Sins...Do not follow the rule of God...

spec ialy westener Adulterer, Rapist, Holdaper, Murderer, Abortionist, Liar...

You shall all Burn to Hellfire...


Mureed Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah 14.10.2013 13:19

To all pig FACE! We Muslim believe and respect the true follower of Jesus peace be upon him, we tolerate other religion. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad teaches us to love one another, to treat our selves equal even to slaves.

Is Islam really bad?...
why dont you read Quran. understand it...
you all non believer of Islam has hatred in your heart...
you were hypnotized by New world order Masonic Civilization...
1st the American Christian Preacher make the burning of Quran in America disrespect our Holy Quran... Disrespect the Billion of Muslim in the World.


Zobel Amar 14.10.2013 08:03

The djihadist-in-chief is in the White House

Anonymous user 30.05.2013 02:32

Allah muthafuckah


Zulkefli Johan 19.03.2013 03:32

Muslims have little right to be offended when a quran is burnt when bibles get burnt anyway, are they forgetting their computer cache deletes the quran whenever they leave the web site after reading the quran.
Download the quran and re-copy a hundered times to an old hard drive, burn it on video and post to YOUTUBE, others have!
Islam is a myth relying on one man saying he spoke to an Angel, not exactly huge numbers of Angel Fossils to support angel theory, no artifacts, no testable data at all.
Islam is based on a lie prepetuated by Mohammad the murdering paedophile.

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