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In God’s name: Malaysian court bans non-Muslims from using word ‘Allah’

14.10.2013 06:06

A Malaysian Court of Appeal has prohibited non-Muslims from using the word Allah to refer to God. Christians argue the ruling violates their religious rights as they have been using the word for decades.

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GSmith 15.10.2013 16:21

"all messengers performed miracles you ignorant sheep."

Correction: all messengers CLAIMED to have performed miracles. Only Christ proved His claim by actually doing it.
I take note, Cid, that you have declined to contradict my statement that Mohammed was a war-mongering phony. Maybe you agree that I am right in at least one respect, then?


Cid FlyHigh 15.10.2013 12:35

GSmith 15.10.2013 10:31

Actually , Christ IS God/Allah, as He proved by His miracles, which were performed to give credence to His gospel.


see ! your very ignorance is way enough to explain why the law was created and passed.
all messengers performed miracles you ignorant sheep.


GSmith 15.10.2013 10:31

"Cant let those priests say God is Allah when they refer to Jesus."

Actually, Christ IS God/Allah, as He proved by His miracles, which were performed to give credence to His gospel. It's the Muslims who are at fault by giving a pedophile the status of a prophet, and exalting him above all other prophets. Mohammed was a war-mongering phony who prostituted the concept of religion in order to gain power over perceived enemies.


Leon the Professional 15.10.2013 01:22

Malaysia is behaving really the middle east and North Africa...people of every faith (besides Israelis) refer to God as Allah. I don't know a sinlge person who has ever raised an issue about this...


Juan Angel Trigo 14.10.2013 20:59

There is only one God, no church, entity, judge, has exclusive rights to His many names. Amen


Fussilat Al Fussilat 14.10.2013 20:40

Allah is the Creator and is the same God and Yahwah and Khodah and other names in other languages.

Allah or God is the Lord of the worlds, and none can prevent anyone from calling on Allah or God.

But the thing is that Christians consider Allah or God as Jesus; i.e. Christians believe God or Allah is the same Jesus or that Jesus is the son of God or God is part of a Trinity.

Th is is refused in the Quran: God is not Jesus; God is the Eternal and the Creator and the Most Merciful and Most Gracious.


Cid FlyHigh 14.10.2013 20:38

Theodoros Roumeliotis 14.10.2013 16:44

So, the words "Allah" and "God" are synonyms and refer to the same deity.


i totally agree with you, however you must understand this malay law was passed to counter the wicked priests speeches/beliefs (they refer to Jesus), not the good priests (they refer to God Almighty).
when a red line is drawn it's to prevent abuses.


Cid FlyHigh 14.10.2013 20:23

Theodoros Roumeliotis 14.10.2013 16:44

Come on, Cid, you keep refering to some wicked priest. The appelation "God" refers *only* to the God of Abraham. All else is just herecy and that wicked priest would be banned from his own head of religion :p.


beli eve me or not, they are not banned, i didnt even know there was something like degrees after they graduated in falsehood, he told me he studes long years to become priest, you cant graduate unless you say Jesus is God and son of God...that's the roman catholic church at least.
Cant let those priests say God is Allah when they refer to Jesus.

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