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'March Against Monsanto': LIVE UPDATES

12.10.2013 04:53

The second planned march against agricultural giant Monsanto takes place around the world this weekend. The protesters are rallying against the company’s use of genetically modified organisms and trying to raise awareness about its corporate practices.

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Sharon Willeford 21.11.2013 00:27

Hawai'i (The Big Island) just passed GMO Bill 113 - which disallows any new GMO's being grown here, heavy fines and penalties. Kauai passed Bill 2491 for Pesticide disclosure ~ we're on our way! See GMO FREE Hawai'i Island and other GMO FREE pages <Oahu, Maui, Molokaai, Kauai> "We Hope Someday You'll join us"... Aloha


Louise Mayer 13.10.2013 08:06

v have some faith


Louise Mayer 13.10.2013 08:03

I am so proud of each and every one of you who have come out today to protest and protect our mother nature God bless each and every one of you keep up you fight good will win out over evil don't ever forget that. power to you all


Fernando F. 13.10.2013 01:49

the header should be:
'March Against Evil Monsanto': Live Updates

the word EVIL should go in front every time Monsanto is mentioned. People that read for the 1st time any article about Monsanto have to read "Evil Monsanto".
I think 'Evil Monsanto' is scamming the whole World with their stupid seeds that don't produce more of anything. Then you have to use their brand pesticide that is equally evil since it kills everything plus bees. The next evil thing is that you have to keep buying from them and they can increase their prices at will.


Jason Millman 12.10.2013 22:00

Those in North America are at most risk. Please also vote with your dollars NonGMOProject verified products. Avoid processed food but if you have to buy some stuff buy the verified brands. Also talk to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, daycare centers, nursing homes, and anywhere that will listen. GMOs are toxic and are very hard to get out of one's system. Grow a little on your own land, balcony, indoors, use hydroponics or other technology to grow indoors. Don't be afraid, keep trying and you'll see it is easy.


Agnes Maria 12.10.2013 18:47

Excellent show of mass awareness. Don't stop at 'taking the streets' or protesting GM and Monsanto. Promote and educate about the alternatives so that a boycott becomes feasible.


Alessio Gentile 12.10.2013 18:23

was at the one in glasgow today, only a small turn out but good to see everyone worldwide take action, as long as we keep informing people and keep active we can all bind together and take down this horrible corporate entity.


Liam Wilson 12.10.2013 15:05

@ V: Do you want your children to be poisoned?


Agnes Maria 12.10.2013 15:01

Now that is a reason to take the streets. Just don't fight the police. They're not Monsanto.


V 12.10.2013 14:58

and what effect did these protests have?? zero.. unfortunately Monsanto gmo's are here to stay..


Anglian Saxonite 12.10.2013 13:58

GM Company's in cooperation with the government has designed genetically
modi fied seeds which withstand the effects of chemtrails. The seeds are
designed to survive extreme weather conditions, pollution, salt stress,
heavy metals and chemtrails. Organic and natural crops will die from
severe pollution and the chemtrails while Company's continue to profit.
Further proof that the government and giant food cooperation’s are
controlling the food supply.


Nasi 12.10.2013 13:43

I want a see Monsanto, bankruptcy ! very, very soon.


Idealistic Citzofwrld 12.10.2013 13:20

Rest assured, any country that allows GMO Monsanto toxic chemicals into their food chain has signed onto the NWO Corporate Fascist world depopulation agenda. 'Establishing the NWO many people will die' Henry Kissinger 1974


Monique 12.10.2013 13:01

The names of the products from main companies like Nestle and co. should be made public EVERYWHERE to enable us NOT to buy these products. Also the names of the people in our governments that give the go-ahead, should be made public.


Liam Wilson 12.10.2013 12:38

I think we should start stock piling agent orange as a defence vs their crops. Monsanto would never see that coming!


Sony Jim 12.10.2013 12:19

P.S Companies and their brands are not the only things marked. It is the decision makers we are most interested in. We are looking at executive levels of management within those companies and once tagged, those careers would be under a constant spotlight.


Sony Jim 12.10.2013 12:18

Any company dumb enough to use GMO's in their products will get marked for boycott.

It does not take long for the guilty to be pointed out and there are considerable web assets coming online to ensure people discover the bad products, and know of safe alternatives.


cilantro 12.10.2013 10:24

voting soon in washington state usa to label gmos. monsanto is busy trying to convince people not to label, but people here should not believe their stories.


abdulMuid 12.10.2013 10:13

Thank you to all of you out there marching for freedom to eat non- GMO's because you are what you eat that's why no one pays much attention to what's going on in the world today it's the food they eat that's putting them asheep thank you so much. We pray for you; "WE the People"

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