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Life on Mars? It could be on Earth

29.08.2013 15:13

Perhaps the greatest irony in the search for alien life was that seekers needed look no further than the mirror. That’s according to a new hypothesis, which posits life actually originated on the Red Planet and was later ferried to Earth by a meteorite.

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Colin Shorey 25.02.2014 20:10

These theories always remind me of "The Outer Limits"some 50yr ago.Are we the "Zanti Misfits"?
A re you old enough to remember?


goedelite 24.02.2014 17:32

Now we know why there is no evidence of the Garden of Eden on Earth. It was on Mars!!!

The apple that Adam bit was a Mars apple. Adam and Eve were Martians, where incest is not illegal. That's how their children were able to reproduce before journeying to Earth.


Sigmundr Fáelán Úlfheðinn 27.09.2013 15:32

No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.


Mona Negrete 27.09.2013 09:54

Perhaps some type of living form may still exist,and not be naked to the human eye. Maybe a Martian, Android or some other (higher form unknown to man could be having a piña colada under some type of palm tree,,,,,


Gene Ogorodov 01.09.2013 10:03

The next question is of course can archibacteria or something required for life exist on an asteroid for the amount of time required to travel from Mars to Earth. It will be interesting to see the experiments. But this just begs the question whether the hypothetical planet Theia (which a theory postulates crashed into the Earth forming the moon) could have been similar enough to Mars to have life and carry it to Earth. However, before we jump to too many conclusions someone needs to prove that Mars ever had life not just the material for making it.


Arthur B Fekker 01.09.2013 09:25

PART 2: "Trust me. I know what I'm doing. And of course we can breathe in space. Every organism except earth life can breathe in space, dumbass! When we enter Earth's atmosphere, the rock will get red hot and we'll fry for a little bit but it's only for a few minutes. We'll turn to ash but once we land on planet earth, we'll come to life again."
&qu ot;Cool. One ticket to Earth, please."
&q uot;Economy or First Class?"
&qu ot;Wherever is ideal to read more scientific hypothesis that has more holes than a moth eaten cardigan!"


Arthur B Fekker 01.09.2013 09:25

PART 1: So what you have is a couple of microbe "scientists&quo t; working out how to do this,
"Oh look, were being bombarded by meteors. Let's hop on a rock here and hopefully we'll be jettisoned off our planet and we'll land on the blue one over there".
"Do you know how to drive this thing? And can we breathe in space? And what about entering earth's atmosphere?"


Veritas 01.09.2013 05:42

Existence of space, time, matter, energy, life etc. all points to a magnificent creator. No Sun? No plant life, therefore no animal or human life! If Sun was closer, life wouldn't exist (melted away,) if Sun was far, life wouldn't exist in the frozen-ness. If the earth didn't have a tilt in its axis, we wouldn't have the seasons. The creator not only created the universe, but also gave us the eyes to see the creative work! DNA is not just a protein molecule, it has intelligent code - to prove that life is an intelligent design! The Earth was created with all the right environment to support Life!


Brandon Ellis 01.09.2013 01:39

My theory is that your eyes will either bleed, get worse or just decay after reading this. If you prove me wrong well, it's just a theory and if you prove me right, then you should give me some prize.

Prob lem with theories like this one is that the conditions need to be just right on 2 planets instead of just one.

Which means that you have better chances of your body being on the other side of the planet even if you never get on any form of transportation vehicle.


Alan 31.08.2013 21:59

The fact is that we are all from different planets. The Dogun tribe in Africa knew which star system they came from before it was discovered by NASA. Archaelogical artifacts reveal different people in different parts of the world having interactional contact with different ETs from different planets. India's ancient books document Krishna going back to his home planet.


Dan 31.08.2013 21:24

It all makes sense; Mars is the Greek god of war.


james 30.08.2013 20:33

i feel that its more plausible that life from mars came to earth while their were humans on the planet. I watched a little of The Spirit Science youtube channel and i believe the theory is that the martians got into a huge war and destroyed themselves. The survivors came to earth and settled with the Atlantians who did not get along with the martians.


RTM 30.08.2013 16:27

The Creationists aren't going to like this, Yogi.


Kimberly Maull 30.08.2013 12:32

Cool almost Sounds like the story of how the Annunaki made us...


Amber Dawn Bennett 30.08.2013 12:14

That's awesome!!!


Joseph Walker 30.08.2013 09:57

These Monkey's are talking about they Ancestors who now probably came from Mars


Altair Zielite 30.08.2013 04:17

It would seem that mars is smaller and cooled first. That life might have a genisis there is certainly plausible. But, to say that the enitre earth was covered with water but there was no oxygen in the atmosphere seems to run contrary to common sense. Also, it has been proven that cometary collisions on the early earth created peptide chains. With earths early vulanism, it seems unlikely that the entire surface was covered with water. Our sun has been producing star water for billions of years. We did not start out with this much water.

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