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Potential Martians: Mars One selects 1,058 hopefuls among 200,000 applicants

31.12.2013 19:22

The Mars One project has announced the selection of 1,058 hopefuls from over 200,000 applicants to become potential “human ambassadors” on the Red Planet. Eventually, no more than 40 people will be selected to go Mars to never return.

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Renier Richards 01.01.2014 19:45

They go to Mars because there is already life there...everybody is not stupid. Do people think we are the only living in this whole universe, what a waste of space...NASA know that there is life on Mars, the people that goes there will be ambassadors, why send ambassadors if they are not going to engage with other living beings. NASA has been going up and down to Mars since the early 50`s, or maybe earlier...


Wivit Pawz 01.01.2014 19:26

Why are they zooming off to Mars? The Moon is much closer, more easily accessible and definitely provides a better emotional/psychologi cal environment for the astronauts.
It's just daft going off to Mars on just theories!


Skodanske 01.01.2014 15:54

It's an opportunity, too late for Earth to change it's stupid and rabid ways. The first to go there can dictate the rules and the first to arrive there with a capital gains plan, should be put in a pod and shipped further out into space immediately with just a few rations. Anyone going there should be scrutinized for any discrepancies that might betray a delusional and/or psychotic character. With much luck, Mars could become the ideal place where sane people would want to be.


Freesaxon 01.01.2014 11:24

I wonder if there will be any Bankers, money men & women, & politicians ?

Errr NO I don't think so, if any EVER arrive on Mars it would be when all the hard work is done.

$$$ ££££

The Film Blade Runner
" Start life anew on an off world colony "
( film pans out to show a messed up Earth)

Its a corporate event, being sold as an adventure to child minded fools.


john robert roworth 01.01.2014 11:15

What has planet mars done to any one. Why should this planet have to be invaded by humans. Let us be content in knowing that some humans have ruined planet Earth with greed and, wars. Another planet with the likes of George Bush, Tony Blair, and, cronies? Unthinkable!!


DEADMANRIDING 01.01.2014 08:56

[quote name='Mr.Evans' time='01.01.2014 05:05']
Sorry Evans but the mentally unstable won't be going either. Enjoy your time on the third rock from the sun.
On second thought, maybe they should select you.


Screamin Mime 01.01.2014 08:48

Sounds like the premise for a REALLY BAD reality show...


Mr.Evans 01.01.2014 05:05

Part 2.

Every So-Called Religion has it's Bad-Apples and Twisted-Haters in them, wherein Not 1 of them will be Welcome on Mars.
Non-Racist , Non-Homophobic, Non-Muslim-Hating, Non Hate or Venum-Spewing-Decent -Thinking-Good-Natur ed-Positive Humans will be Welcome There. Period!!!


Mr.Evans 01.01.2014 05:05

Part 1.
I hope that Not 1 Faux Religious Thinking Idiot goes there,(None)because there will be Dumb-Thinking-Racist -Bigoted-Ignorant-Ha te-Spewing-Venum-Spe wing-In-Humans like Adnonia Chanos there who will Continue this Evil-Racist-Faux-Rel igious Dung there on Mars which is Completely Useless and Wrong and Evil!
No So-Called Religion or So-Called Human whom Actively Practices these Faux Religions,which Actively Permits Hate,Acts of Hate,Homophobia,Raci sm,and/or Hate Speech should go to Mars.
No Faux Religions Are Welcome On Mars, which includes Faux Catholics,Faux KKKristians and Faux Judaism,and Faux Islam.


Adnonia Chanos 01.01.2014 00:14

I hope they don't bring Islam (the cancer) to the new planet

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