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Mysterious rock appears near Mars rover Opportunity

15.01.2014 15:26

An odd-looking bit of rock mysteriously appeared in front of Opportunity rover in the beginning of January as the rover, waiting out the Martian winter, has not moved since the end of November, according to NASA.

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Mary Roberts 19.06.2014 06:57

They have probably had technology to travel to these other planets and have been for years! There is no way that SOMEONE hasn't already done this somewhere. Of course WE can't go! So just because THEY have the cash WE have to be here and can't make all these discoveries too? I don't believe these planets are even as far away as they all say either! It justs fits into my theory and if they make it seem SOO far away that it appears unobtainable


mergon 22.02.2014 10:32

Its miller time on Mars some Alien just dropped a beer can
And when NASA was caught out they said it was a rock then they edited it out, then oh we just ran over it !

Give it up lads you will telling us next that there no water on Mars !


not duped 05.02.2014 03:02

I picture a room full of people laughing hysterically that the very taxpayers who paid for this are legitimizing it! And it has been going on for many decades.


Alan 19.01.2014 18:24

The rock is no rock at all. Its the outer protective and comouflaging shell of a reptiile and there are many of them on the surface.


Andrew Jones 19.01.2014 18:08

It's hollow - I thought it was popcorn. "They" only hatch at night.....

It's not possible for the rover to kick it up there. The wheel has been locked into 8 Degrees toe-in for years!


virgis 19.01.2014 14:42

secret hidden tunels???


virgis 19.01.2014 14:40

in the photo on the left we can see same shape as a rock on the seems as it was lifted up.then,theres a trace like a tale behind the rock...


awe130 18.01.2014 22:23

Mystery rock on Mars or is it a fungus? Google it and find out.


Jeffrey Golin 18.01.2014 15:54

Great progress ! Imagine that ! We went to Mars and we found -- hold on to your hat! -- a ROCK. No kidding.
In twenty years we can send colonists to Mars and in about 100 years we can have an interplanetary war with them, given human nature.


Duke Abbaddon 18.01.2014 14:38

the rock appears on a flat bit of earth and however still there is no evidence of an imprecise arm movement and or wind forces , bearing in mind the evidence to the fact that the other tiny rocks appear not to have been displaced at all,

one would like to recommend the search of earlier pictures for documented sightings of the incidental but significant rock.

the rock also shows signs of being a silicone base and i hesitate to say iron from the colour ... if it is it may be O4SoMg or some such crystal and is not bled by water/solvent fracture it seems for there are clear bands of colour within it.

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