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Dutch reality show seeks volunteers for a getaway to the first human colony on Mars

23.04.2013 13:51

Dutch company ‘Mars One’ has launched an official selection program for volunteers from all nations for a reality show to fly, live and die on Mars.

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Azri'el Collier 21.06.2014 00:58

I want to go!!! Have extensive knowledge in organic farming, use of alternative energy devices, and the ability to be innovative if somethings do not work as intended. Good electrical and mechanical skills too.


Andrew Mah 10.01.2014 18:36

The Elites Experimenting Risk Possibilities with Minimum Cost to themselves.. They Wont Go .. have to Forced them on First Trip ;) Will Africans be Tempted . Just need alot of Rocket Fuel ;)

Anonymous user 10.07.2013 15:36

i am ready for this


Joe Agundez 21.06.2013 16:11

I would really like to go be a pioneer in a new world

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 16:09



Joe Jmw White 16.06.2013 11:39

Get real they just need stunt dummies thats all

Anonymous user 09.06.2013 23:24

I think the goal is application fee. maybe also for selling applicant's living organism. one way ?

Anonymous user 05.06.2013 12:24

i want to go.....hehehe

Anonymous user 30.05.2013 12:55

Why not send all the criminals on a one way ticket to MARS???

Anonymous user 15.05.2013 18:40

Hemp would be good for food and it also cleans co2 from air .

Anonymous user 10.05.2013 02:38

Actually, how is this going to work - one way? People, who are going to fly, might be pretty brave..

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 14:32

'fly, live and die(!?)'

Bi g Brother Mars!

Sit in a house and watch people sitting in a house!

Anonymous user 28.04.2013 22:08

Palestine isn't a real country so Israel can build where ever they want

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 01:01

can i live there? please???

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 11:10

WOW! Beautiful please please send all the elites!
Have a nice day...

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