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North Korea imposes martial law, orders troops to ‘be ready for war’ - report

31.01.2013 19:37

North Korea has allegedly been placed under martial law and its ruler Kim Jong-un has ordered the army to “prepare for war”, a South Korean daily claims.

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Anonymous user 01.05.2013 18:22

North korea is just only a bunch of morons, you just threathening the U.S but you dont do it.

Anonymous user 29.03.2013 08:53

North Korea will most likely put up one more rocket on their launcher and claim it has a nuke in it.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 07:57

everything is writting on the Bible!! We need Jesus!! God bless you all!!

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 07:50

cant wait to see america gets NUKE up its ars#

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