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McCain baffles Russian communists promising to respond to Putin's op-ed in Pravda

14.09.2013 12:00

US Senator John McCain plans to write a column for a Russian newspaper Pravda in response to President Vladimir Putin’s opinion piece on Syria in The New York Times that outraged some members of the American Congress.

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Stefana Karinskaya 20.09.2013 12:27

The Big Funking Con Game goes on just like ever, though. Such greedy guys like J. McCain figure out there's always something up for grabs to still make a fatter living, and all they need to improve is do some bombing. It's kid stuff for them. In justification of their dirty plans they throw lies all around.

Hi, I'm Stef from, Moscow, Russia


Ahmad Saran 17.09.2013 12:40

This is the difference between President Putin and Obama.
Obama speaks about attacking and destruction of the countries and killing of innocent people but president Putin tries his best to create peace and stability on the earth and save the lives.
God bless him and be with him


JoeySh*thead 16.09.2013 18:18

American Foreign Policy is soaked in blood, no denying it. Good on Putin for wanting to tell thatto the American People directly. their government tries to convince them they protecting the world, this is far from the truth. I applaud the brave men and women of the American Military that have voiced their dissatisfaction with American Foreign Policy and their opposition to American involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria, they don't risk their lives for controlling oil, imposing world banking, or assisting "Al Quaeda". American Government can no longer hide behind their leaders, "Speeches of Good Intentions".


fran7 16.09.2013 07:44

McCain is an old warmongering idiot who let himself be photographed with known cannibal rebel terrorist gangsters in an effort to wage unjustified illegal war on Syria at a time when untold innocent Syrians are being killed by these very same terrorist gangsters.


groingo 16.09.2013 06:09

McSame embodies everything that is wrong with the US, he is the Poster Child of Idiocy!


Rod Lloyd 16.09.2013 03:03

The man is an embarrassing idiot, bought and paid for and supplying a very outdated out of touch act .
He has as much credability as Obummer and Congress have.... NONE


Mike Martin 16.09.2013 01:25

The rest of the world knows full well that Americas politicians are bought and paid for and most know we lost our freedom long ago but mainly after 911.Because of this known fact Mr.Putin made a direct appeal to the American citizens.He knows what could happen if this nation proceeds with this war footing.He fears a direct conflict that would spark WW3.He also knows over 70 percent of Americas citizens are against another war and want this insanity to stop.Its up to us to overthrow our selected leaders and form a new nation guided by our constitution and not corporations .


George 16.09.2013 00:03

I remember the, "Kitchen talks," in the 60's. What a farce.

Reso lute Khrushchev, 'buried," the embarrassingly cocky Nixon.

Sadl y McCain will duplicate Nixon's odd self sufficiency. From him, expect history, misremembered. Rather, properly remembered, but from a day when US news had the exclusive on US ears.

I predict McCain's screed will be petulant and naively sided, which plays at home, but is going to sound jarringly parochial internationally.

I'll bet he thinks Nixon prevailed in the champ after his little kitchen talks.


Olga Williams 15.09.2013 23:54

You "commie-loving& quot; FRUITCAKES need to go join Snowden in Russia! Your comments are so stupid they make me laugh! Especially the one stating: "Thank you President Putin. Nobel Peace Prize for that op-ed." OH PLEASEEEeeee! Give me a break! Yeah, Putin, who's been supplying Syria with weapons all this time and is backing his "buddy" Syrian President Assad (the butcher), if anyone needs a Nobel PEACE Prize, it's Putin! Yeah Right!


Neil Cunningham 15.09.2013 23:25

Thank you President Putin. Nobel Peace Prize for that op-ed.
McCain----a little strutting peacock, a buffoon, graduated last in his class, paid by the military industrial lobbyists, a laugh a minute, and to make matters more absurd the little canary is being paid by us stupid tax payers---- entitlements! The best health care for his entire family, a lifetime full pension, and the perks beyond the beyond belief.


maria 15.09.2013 20:52

McCain should just mind his p's & Q's before he starts something he can't shut off. Our military & veterans are not happy w/McCain. They've told him to his face that if they had governmental power they would hold them for treason him, president, presidential cabinet, congress, etc. There are some Americans that still believe what these monkeys say.... brain wash along w/most of Hollywood.


Joseph 15.09.2013 20:25

"An insult to the intelligence of the American people?"
Gu ess he never watches Fox News or prime time television. How about a McCain/Putin reality show by the director of Dog the Bounty Hunter in search of WMDs. HW can be a sidekick.


Anthony David 15.09.2013 18:17

Good job Putin, by passing the sensors of mainstream medias. Providing commentary direct to the NYTimes was very wise.

Leadership is taking a decision which others will come to follow. Just as McCain is following your leadership and taking an initiative you undertook.

Good job on influencing the American leadership to open up further lines of communication. It is infact communication that solves problems. However, some people use communications emotionally, irrationally and calculatingly.

I wonder how McCain will address his words. The world is watching!
P.S i have an idea that can revolutionize democracy.


Barbara Mullin 15.09.2013 17:38

How embarrassing to have McCain be the spokesperson for our country. Is he taking time out of playing Poker on his IPhone? This is the guy involved in the Savings and Loan scandals of the past who now goes on to do away with financial regulations. The guy who gave us Sarah Palin as a running mate. I hope the Russians are aware that whatever he has to say it does not speak for many of us in this country.


Commander 15.09.2013 16:52

John McCain a psychopath and a danger to world stability.

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