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MEPs vote to tighten anti-tobacco laws, target young smokers

08.10.2013 15:31

European MPs have voted to dramatically tighten tobacco laws across the union and have focused much of the legislation on trying to put young people off smoking. But the new measures do not go as far as anti-smoking campaigners had hoped for.

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Trina Fisher 09.10.2013 12:19

This is just plain stupidity. Most young smokers go for the fashionable flavoured "E-cigarettes or strong strength as the "menthols" are considered soft and wimpy. surely this is where they should be acting if their intent it to stop young people from starting to smoke. Whats happened to freedom of choice,its up to the individual not the State whether or what they smoke or are we all to live as were told not as we wish.


Adam Deskins 09.10.2013 00:45

america doesnt take embargoes very well this could eventually lead to war


FreedomFighter 08.10.2013 19:13

Banning Cigarettes will destroy jobs. It will destroy many family's income. The Farmers, the shippers, those who make them, the office jobs and more. Making more laws will make more criminals. People have the right to do what they want with thier own bodies. Hitler had anti smoking laws. This is communism and facism. America grew because of tabbaco its our culture. Sorry that europe has to deal with this "Saftey over freedom stuff"


Chris Creamer 08.10.2013 17:44

How about you come up with a study on the health risks of e-cigarettes before you regulate or ban them? Or would that not suit the needs of your tax income from smokers? Because that's all it is. A race for more money. Barely any of the taxes you collect go to treating the health problems or dangers of smoking. You are not spending it on smoking cessation or learning more about recovering from nicotine addiction. Your just another hypocrite who wants to control everyone else and make their decisions for them.

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