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‘Unacceptable’: Merkel calls Obama over suspicion US monitored her cell phone

23.10.2013 17:40

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called President Obama over the German government's suspicions the US could have tapped her mobile phone. Barack Obama assured Merkel that his country is not monitoring her communications.

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truth 25.08.2014 17:14

was she talking to Male friends? n this embarrassed her? maybe she could use pay as u go a new sims card for each call? even though I think it matters not Germans have spied on Kerry so what's the difference? stop moaning u no better Merkel


Enrique 02.08.2014 03:47

Angela Merkel is placing her country in a very, very dangrous path as a frontline for an American military invasion of Russia, and that means as a nuclear target.


Enrique 02.08.2014 03:44

Angela Merkel wants to lauch a military attack against the Russian Federation.

I think Merkel doesn´t know what she is doing. She is out of her mind, without any sense of History.

Ge rmany killed more than 20 million Russians during the last Operation Barbarossa, three times more than Jews in the Holocaust, so Angela Merkel should show more respect instead of trying to embark Germany in a Nuclear War against the Russian Federation.

I understand that Germany is not a sovereign nation, but at least she could follow the example from Gerhard Schroeder who decided not to participate in the US invasion of Iraq.


mergon 23.07.2014 09:13

Im surprised that her security advisers gave her a phone that clearly was not secure ,there are phones out there such as jumper phones that share other peoples bandwidth so cant be traced ,the British picked these these up back in 90s off of 2 drug smugglers arrested at Heathrow .the average price of an mp,s /ministers phone in the UK is about £2500 !

A security program is just that and security is just a matter of time , but there are systems out there such as Active lock out programs that sense intervention and can lock it out via a gating system , surly if your a countries leader you would have one !


Ulf Meister 05.11.2013 20:25

No peace treaty for Germany since the end of World War II even no constitution, the German people and its country is still occupied by the three remaining victorious powers and Germany isn't even a state with its own sovereignty! We Germans are the paymaster for the EU, USA and of course Israel, and it will stay this way for eternity!


045hz 24.10.2013 14:19

All politicians are under surveilance and they know that when the secret services want they can.


Steven Ouellet 24.10.2013 13:53

It's a play. They're all eating at the same table server the same masters, pseudo-democracy.


macrophor 24.10.2013 13:42

Merkel take my advice. Grow some balls and kick the Yanky Kabal bases out of Germany. Stop crying, you are the chancelor remember?


Samuel von Staunton 24.10.2013 13:38

It's fine for her when every other German's phone is tapped, but suddenly it's unacceptable when they do the same to her. What a joke.

She hit the nail on the head when she said that Germany is dependent on the United States, something that, as Kanzler, she is responsible for.

It is time for Germany to guarantee her own security, and kick the 57000 man occupation force left by a wartime enemy out of our country. Perhaps then we can guarantee our people's prosperity instead of profits for bankers and merchants.


Liberator 24.10.2013 13:38

"Unacceptable&q uot; to Angie. Yes. Unacceptable to me too; what's so special about you? - how come you can call Obama and complain, while I never get past the switchboard?


Joseph Walker 24.10.2013 12:26

Germany leave the EU,join the BRIC countries ,you would be better off,Germans have nothing in common to the white race IE Europe Britain and America.


Roxy Chick 24.10.2013 11:53

Hopefully this will mess up the usa/Germany relationship, all they need next is spying on the Chinese first Lady and China will want the usa blood for that!


Ailayna 24.10.2013 11:47

Haha, yeah as if he will say I do and Im sorry for this - wont be happening again :D. The Liars of all Liars will never say truth, this one cant even keep promise to his own ppl - and whos this german lady? Nobady to Mr Exceptional


Codename Taco 24.10.2013 11:42

Merkel has been such an Obama lickspittle I doubt she voiced any concerns, they probably just traded dessert recipes.


Tim Collins 24.10.2013 11:14

Ahh you funnee Americans.
After watching Obama get his tail paddywhacked by Putin over the Persian missile fiasco it's hilarious to see the delusional process is still staggering on.

Give Europe a call when you can pay the interest on your countries debts, let alone go forward - talk about yesterday's heroes.


Mike Namey 24.10.2013 09:40

Tom London 24.10.2013 08:58

Si nce when Germany is US occupied country? You guys forgot to read some history books, didn't you?


Germany was split up USSR, USA and the United Kingdom. If you like, I can buy you a history book or two. What did you think the Berlin wall was? A decoration?


Mike Namey 24.10.2013 09:39

LoL She helped the US spy on the German people. Her tears are those of a hypocrite. Don't like it? Why did you allow them to spy on your people?


Tom London 24.10.2013 08:58

Cornelius 24.10.2013 08:17

Ver y true statement. I enjoy your postings.


Si nce when Germany is US occupied country? You guys forgot to read some history books, didn't you?

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