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‘They are fascists!’ German Left leader blasts Merkel’s support of illegitimate Ukraine govt

13.03.2014 19:01

The recognition of Kosovo independence set a precedent that gives Crimeans, as well as Basques and Catalans, a right for self-determination, German opposition leader said, lashing out against Angela Merkel’s support of sanctions against Russia.

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Natasha Alexandra 07.06.2014 18:59

The internationalist set needs to stop meddling in Ukrainian affairs. The European Knights Project calls for individual national sovereignty. Let the Crimeans decide for themselves. THe US already removed a democratically elected president. what more do they want?


Dmitry Maluka 05.04.2014 22:17

John 25.03.2014 15:33

I' m very disappointed in Ukraine, too many Bandera supporters around running around foolishly believing that Fascism was good. Perhaps they forgot how those same Fascists were killing everyone in Europe.


Typical delirious nonsense inspired by Kremlin propaganda which has nothing to do with reality. And what do you mean by fascism? Recall the characteristics of fascism: suppression of dissent, totalitarianism, corporatism, militarism, cult of personality, reliance on underclass - all these are certainly the characteristics of today's Russia, not Ukraine.


Lapontius 04.04.2014 15:55

Dirk from Kiev 27.03.2014 12:44

Let me tell you, as someone living in Ukraine: there is no anarchy here, Russian speakers and Ukrainian speakers are peacefully going on with their lives. Everybody fears a Russian attack on the country which may come any day, but Ukrainians, whatever language they speak, will defend their sovereignty and will not roll over as they did in Crimea!!


really? a RUssian attack may come any day now? why? because Russians hate salo? or dont like Taras Bulba? do you know what those things are, are you even a Ukrainian?


Hannes Baumler 27.03.2014 11:29

wasn´t aware of Germany having a lower-house and an upper house, as britain. We have a Parliamnent. Monarchy is long gone.


Freesaxon 27.03.2014 08:02

Fascism has always been a very loose term.

A term of insult like Nazi, or ..... I hate you.

German y didn't `invent' fascism it was poss. Italy around World War I, or was it the roman empire ?

The term can actually mean a bundle of sticks !!!!

Can't say I like Angela Merkel OR Gregor Gysi.

Lets be clear about things though, what started out as a protest in the Ukraine, quickly turned into anarchy.

Va rious elements within the Ukraine, aided by
Western powers lead to a coup de tat almost a classic example of one.
However they are clueless, and offer themselves up for sacrifice to the EU / NATO


Andres Mardones 27.03.2014 06:15

Merkel is eating "pupu" from the plate that is feeding her.


AG 26.03.2014 20:50

[quote name='Dmitry Maluka' time='17.03.2014 16:09']Amusing to hear that pseudo-left Gazprom lobbyist who is worried about the clown nazis in Kiev but perfectly happy with Putin's fascist regime. What this conservative is actually interested in is retaining the capitalist status quo with EU addicted on Russia as the source of hydrocarbons.[/quote ]

I don't know where you are getting this. Yours is a false statement. The new coup illegal government in Ukraine and their supporters are Nazzis.


John 25.03.2014 15:33

Why would Merkel care? Her nation started Fascism, they are all probably related somehow.

I' m very disappointed in Ukraine, too many Bandera supporters around running around foolishly believing that Fascism was good. Perhaps they forgot how those same Fascists were killing everyone in Europe.


goedelite 25.03.2014 05:02

Frau Wagenknecht, the deputy to Herr Gysi in the Left Party, reported that Henry Kissinger had once said that sanctions are an implement of a failing foreign policy. US policy abroad is a failure everywhere. Only our military power keeps my government from the scorn it deserves. When the dollar gives out, the game will be over for my government's destructive foreign policy.


goedelite 25.03.2014 04:57

While Herr Gysi was exposing the people that Chancellor Merkel was engaging with as fascists, she was laughing with her ministers in the Bundestag. She is disgusting!

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