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Spectacular fireball from space explodes over Russian city (VIDEO)

19.04.2014 13:26

A suspected meteorite explosion has been recorded by citizens of the northern Russian city of Murmansk.

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Don DeBar 19.04.2014 16:29

War is our common enemy. Oppression is our common enemy. Poverty, disease, hunger, lack of medical care and education, etc. THESE are the common enemy, along with the system that enables/imposes them. Not other human beings facing the same enemy as we are.

Muslim s is our common enemy. We can't show weakness to them, and help each over [/quote]


mragura 19.04.2014 16:24

You are saying that Muslims is our enemy isn't that the way US gov want whole world to see them, they are actually people too with feeling and emotions


Christopher Rushlau 19.04.2014 15:40

It's a great reminder that all this stuff we read about in the news is not just special effects created in a movie studio. "There's something bigger," as my uncle put it.


George 19.04.2014 15:30

And this happens during the Ukrainian conflict.


RDM 19.04.2014 15:27

This is proof that Lyndon LaRouche is correct: Russia and the USA should join to create a Strategic Defense of the Earth. Rather than the US & the old British Empire trying to start WW3! We need major space science to block asteroid/meteors out of the sky to save the planet. Plus, the cooperation wouldn't be bad either!

Jus t google "The Strategic Defense of Earth" to see what I mean, since I can't post the link.

There are major Russian officials that already support this, where is NASA????


Steven Nodlehs 19.04.2014 15:17

. 19.04.2014 14:40

He is probably correct.


An d he wouldn't be the only one's seeing as the US military has been funding so many NASA missions while piggybacking various weapon tests onboard - including asteroid manipulation - something the US would love to perfect due to the natural WMD it would provide that includes the perfect cover - rocks from space.

But don't take my word for it - I'm just your average humble planetary Geophysicst who's worked for them before.

I'd expect further objects of simular magnitude for the next fews days - just like the last time.


Dimitri Ratz 19.04.2014 15:07

Zhirinovsky says some outlandish stuff, but Chelyabinsk meteorite clearly had a missile that was smaller relative to the meteorite, that sped up as it come from direction of the tail of the meteorite and it clearly went through the meteorite while keeping it's integrity. No natural explanation exists as it came from behind the meteorite and moved at superior speed and penetrated the meteorite. Who launched the projectile is an excellent question, but given the territory it's pretty clear nobody would shot into Russia. The undisputed authentic video is on YouTube.


George 19.04.2014 14:16

Vann Tedd 19.04.2014 14:13

@George 'Vladimir Zhirinovsky will claim this is another US secret weapons test.'

Wish ful thinking. US cannot penetrate Russia defense shield with anything 'secret' or not without being intercepted.


Li ke you know what they can and cannot do!!!


Daniel Astudillo Estrella 19.04.2014 14:10

If god sends his next son to earth to free the world from liers and western agressors, then he seems to send him to russia, a place were he should have a good upbringing - and decent people who like good people. - so maybe a much bigger thing then just a metereoit?!


George 19.04.2014 14:07

Vladimir Zhirinovsky will claim this is another US secret weapons test.

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