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Microsoft vows to fight govt snooping, accuses NSA of malware

05.12.2013 07:17

Microsoft has pledged to fight in court any snooping into its foreign customers’ sensitive data by US surveillance agencies, as it compared government surveillance to hi-tech cyber-attacks and malware.

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Susan Emerson 14.12.2013 00:53

I saw Bill Gates vaccine depopulation plan videos. He wants us all dead. Just the Rich elite gets to say who lives and dies. Out right disgusting. Reply to Eyingthelies


Rasly Walker 09.12.2013 03:37

Eyingthelies 08.12.2013 23:50

TOO BIG TO FAIL company and therefore must be amongst the bad guys


When you troll, you should not make it so obvious.


Eyingthelies 08.12.2013 23:50

Erich 07.12.2013 18:54

We need Mr. Gates back! Then we need to go after the U.S.G.


Are you for real? Mr Gates is a top Eugenecists who believes in sterilising african children to reduce their population and has always backed population reduction measure, it's TOO BIG TO FAIL company and therefore must be amongst the bad guys, go to Linux unless you want your government to sell your data to the highest bidder for "National Security" reasons!


Erich 07.12.2013 18:54

We need Mr. Gates back! Then we need to go after the U.S.G.


Marvin L Foushee 06.12.2013 22:04

If a citizen from Russia comes to America, he is a guest citizen of the United States. If a Russian corporation comes to the United States, the corporation is a guest corporate citizen of the United States. The Russian citizen can be deported if he or she is a bad guest, but the government of America cannot exclude this citizen from his constitutional rights if their is no hard or wrong doing in his visit or corporate stay. We should be having spy trials in the United States or the World Court for disturbing our constitutional peace and the peace of our foreign visitors and guest.


JPSamulcek 06.12.2013 16:16

Many people have turned into skeptics, the rest are too simple minded.


Geoff Giles 06.12.2013 05:00

What complete nonsense, Microsoft will co-opt anyone and anything for the sake of its bottom line, so dont make me laugh. Never buy their upgrades! Win2000 still works just fine despite the fact they dont make any more patches


Jose Rivera 06.12.2013 01:19

So Microsoft wants to fight the government? That like sending goats to watch over a patch of lettuce.


charliestyx 05.12.2013 16:54

Beware Windows 8. It's spyware pure and simple.

Avoid it if at all possible.


charliestyx 05.12.2013 16:52

Microsoft and the NSA - two sides of the same coin.

Pure spin. Pure bunk.


Michael 05.12.2013 16:38

Bill Gates has been possessed and controlled by an evil non-human entity just like many other politicians. Gone is the original he spends his money equipping Microsoft's headquarters with a huge Freemasonic pyramid to symbolize his "good works" on humanity's behalf. Note how much money he donates to vaccination programs to poison the world's children. Don't believe a word "it" says.


Michael Proctor 05.12.2013 16:25

There is only one action that Microsoft can take to give any credibility as far as I'm concerned and that's remove all operations from US soil to a country that has not been involved in the spying or is against it, Brazil perhaps? Ecuador? As long as their servers are on US soil, the government can do as they like. If all the major tech companies pulled out of the US, it would be a major blow to the government and the economy. I won't use or buy from them again until they do. Never. Xbox One? Windows 8? No chance!


KayteGraves 05.12.2013 15:41

I think everyone is in agreement that these top companies are just trying to save face while working in partnership with the NSA to collect all this data.

My main PC's aren't connected to the net, I no longer pay bills online, I access my bank account at the bank and all my online accounts (youtube, facebook etc.) are all under fake names/identities.

Unfortunately there's only so much you can do as even medical facilities are now uploading all your data to these people, this is why they were all forced onto electronic records last year.


Happy Singh 05.12.2013 15:39

Free Yourself From Microsoft and the NSA

freeyou rselffrommicrosoftan dthensa .org / 01-how-micrsoft-beca me-a-branch-of-the-n sa


g br 05.12.2013 15:16

i dont believe a word microsoft, google or yahoo say on this topic. i like all 3 companies, but on security and doings whats right for customers, they violated every single thing they swore to safeguard, and will probably keep doing so in the future discretely.

the first thing they said when all this came to light was the NSA programs didnt exist..

the NSA is clearly a unconstitutional, illegal, rogue agency bent on world domination run by a bunch of criminals working for the top 1% elites, using the "keeping you safe" as a BS argument to usurpt the most principle rights we HAD not have.


Roland Lawrence 05.12.2013 15:03

How can you be sure your cracked copy of windows isnt even more loaded with spyware? The best way to be secure is to unplug the internet. Of course then updates for anti-virus get more tricky but hey. Apple and MS are out but even more so is Linux with its unvetted developers. Who knows whata is in your OS really?


Laura Baker 05.12.2013 13:27

No software company can keep the NSA out. Too many backdoors in the O/S in all of them, including and especially the processors. They are not only spying on everyone, but they manipulate your computers phone's and even your appliances thermostat and vehicles. If they have a chip in it, they can manipulate them.

I have been a TI for a long time and tortured for what I know in my own home, especially because of my faith in the LORD God.

Keep the needles out of your body, you never know if a chip is in the serum.

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