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Snowden 'not the source' of Middle East surveillance leak – Guardian

23.08.2013 12:11

The Guardian insists that the latest leaks published by the Independent revealing a UK-backed internet-monitoring station in the Middle East were not from Snowden. “I have never provided any journalistic materials to the Independent,” the paper cites him.

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Bob 25.09.2013 20:14

Normal American people are seeing the truth of this country and are revolted, It is controlled and operated by and to the criteria of the Jews in this country, be it the NSA or the state department or the banking and federal reserve or the media. Non of our actions represent the moral fiber of this country, it is an alien to Americans and normal to Jews and there culture. They did the same to Europe and Europe got rid of them, even though they are slowly moving back into Europe again. The West no longer belongs to the westerners, but to the Judeo tribe of Israel. Wake up or accept domination.


Lahcen Oizaz 26.08.2013 09:12

Till now those revelations did not attribute to any substantial disclosure of government criminal behavior. Therefore this whole affair smells like rotten fish. Or is it and will always be like; whose sword is feared his word we speak? Especially if he knows all our embarrassing little secrets. Of course there are answers and remedies to all little and big problems but the first stage is to admit the problem and to reject any attempt to complicate or divert the attention from the root causes.


Joseph Chmura 25.08.2013 01:23

A complete investigation is needed and then fire the executives of the NSA. Hit the restart button, these people are awful at their job. What the heck are they doing?


fran7 24.08.2013 10:32

Glen Greenwald is doing tremendously good work in exposing the UK and USA governments mischief making and foreign interventionism on a Global scale.
Snowdon's info must indeed be dynamite which explains UK siege of Ecuadorian Embassy to try to get at Mr Assange who is a champion of justice and truth in the Free World. The USA government is a warmonger and no longer has credibility in the World because of its backing of Poison gas cannibal rebels in Syria and USA funding of Egyptian army in order to suppress the Egyptian people for USA control of the middle east region.


Registan 23.08.2013 23:09

Considering the extreme lengths that the USA and UK are going to in order to stop the documents from becoming known to the public, it stands to reason that the documents contain much more damaging info than we could ever even imagine. The USA, UK, and their cronies had better back off, or else they will really get what is coming to them.


Billy 23.08.2013 21:59

So the US govt will start secretly releasing information and implicating Snowden to get him evicted from Russia.


Ian Foster 23.08.2013 18:38

Cyprus has had a British "listening post" for decades, we live in treacerous times


Kenneth T. Tellis 23.08.2013 17:42

If the detaining of David Miranda by the Police at Heathrow was an illegal act, then they have unwittingly committed an act of kidnapping and should arrested and charged with the crime of kidnapping. No one is above the law, and that includes the British police.


Elliott 23.08.2013 15:40

Thanks for updating the story.

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