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Huge sinkhole opens in Montreal as tens of thousands march in rage (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

23.05.2012 04:05

Over 120 people have been detained following a massive rally marking the 100th day of demos against tuition hikes in Montreal. Many also came to protest a new law limiting the right to demonstrate.

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John Burrows 28.10.2013 03:18

In the immortal words of Charles DeGaulle "Vive Quebec, Vive Quebec Libre"


Robert Lester 11.04.2013 21:12

Stop feeding the beast. I wonder what the government would do if everybody postponed their education?
If there are no students to fill the classes, then the collage would shut down, the government would capitulate on the fee hikes then most everybody would be happy. The real question is, are you getting your moneys worth for your education, or are you being sucked dry with the brainwashing?

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