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Thousands protest freeing of Spanish pedophile in Morocco (PHOTOS)

03.08.2013 06:04

Riot police broke up a rally in Morocco where thousands of people protested a decision by the country’s king to pardon a Spanish pedophile who raped 11 local children. The pardon came at the request of Spain's King Juan Carlos.

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mergon 29.08.2014 09:48

An expression i heard from a soldier was that in that neck of the woods [ north Africa ] was that little boys were for fun and girls were for breeding sons !
Says it all really !


mergon 29.08.2014 09:40

Rule numbers 38, 12g, 5.56 , 223 are the only rules that work in cases such as these !


Billy Bob 11.12.2013 00:20

Let them free him just make sure that he is greeted properly! Only god is allowed to judge this man for his sins. It wouldnt be murder you would just be aranging a meeting between him and god!


Mark johnson 05.08.2013 07:27

@george rizk,

You are one zionist scum, where did u get the new that the morsi had reduced the marraige age from 16 to 8??

You are just full of lies and the work that you zionist scums do i regret that hitler could not finish his job....


Jzak Attarck 04.08.2013 17:02

Absolutely shocking!


George Rizk 04.08.2013 16:38

The hypocrisy is evident. The Islamist government of Morsi first accomplishment is to reduce the marriage age for girls from 16 to 9. Of course most young men are unemployed, and only old farts (60 years old viagra users) are able to marry this children!

T he fairly peaceful Morocco is a major surprise to me? How are the CIA/Zionists are unable to move the people against their leaders? Well, this stupid King stepped in it by granting amnesty to that pedophile? Perhaps all the misfits from Libya, Egypt, and the rest of the Islamist barbarians will move to unseat the King of Morocco, and Jordan too?


Amarain 04.08.2013 12:13

La Contessa, don't feel ashamed of being Moroccan! Moroccan people are amazing; that is the best of Morocco! These kings (both Moroccan and Spanish) are rubbish! I am Spanish myself and feel completely disgusted by what has happened. I would like to see this paedophile in a close room with Mohammed VI’s daughter and with Juan Carlos’s granddaughters to see both kings’ faces. I know this sounds terrible but why there is a justice for the rich and another for the poor? Leave this man in the hands of the Moroccan and Spanish population who will make justice. Shame on both Kings!!!! tfoooooooooo


Jubba323 04.08.2013 10:44

What hypocrites the Mohammedans are.
On the one hand they praise the worst paedophile ever, Mohammed their god, and now they denounce a paedophile because he's a


Nabil Bendriss 04.08.2013 09:46

shame!!!shame!!shame !!


La Contessa 04.08.2013 06:39

I'm ashamed of being Moroccan !


ArIF 04.08.2013 06:16

Land of confusion!! may be Moroccans needs a revolution .....?


Abdel Kader 04.08.2013 02:26

Abdel Kader 04.08.2013 02:25

how dear the police beat people protesting for their children.. where is justice..,



Abdel Kader 04.08.2013 02:25

how dear the police to beat people protesting for their children.. where is justice..


Khaliil Bin Ammar 04.08.2013 02:24

No need to protest. Just get a skilled sniper to take him out before he leaves Moroccan soil.


Anys Chami 04.08.2013 01:55

Human right in Morocco

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