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5,000 march in support of ‘political prisoners’ in Moscow

27.10.2013 13:41

Around 5,000 people took the streets of Moscow on Sunday to participate in an opposition rally, demanding the release of activists jailed after the May 2012 Bolotnaya demonstration and other people they described as “political prisoners.”

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Alan Cameron 09.12.2013 23:06

These few demonstrators are courageous considering past history of what can happen to them, loss of work, homes and worse . Also by RT publishing this story, indicates they do have some transparency. What I am interested to know. Does the Russian language version of RT also reveal the same domestic news as we read it in English?


slava 28.10.2013 00:11

Well this is good for the Russian state. If there is an opposition and they can be herd, then Russia does have a somewhat democratic state.


Leon the Professional 28.10.2013 00:09

Manufactured protest, lol, one of them is holding a picture of one of the billionaire Yeltsen-era oligarchs that raided Russia. Yesterday he's a villian, today he is a hero!

America and NATO are always trying to destabilize Russia from within. Putin is a blessing for Russia,


Dimitri 27.10.2013 20:12

This group is a bunch of criminals. Have no other job but working for the enemy of the state. The have no visions nor convictions, just getting payed to walk around.


Riwen 27.10.2013 20:07

5000, haha. Moscow is a city of 11 million. 'nuff said.


marcus 27.10.2013 17:05

Every lawbreaker is a political prisoner in Russia according to this bunch. You could rob a bank and your a political prisoner. Misguided


Agnes Maria 27.10.2013 16:29

It is not enough to merely observe public opinion in all of its impassioned, irrational angst and rage, and concede to what people demand. That is not the way to teach people to take control of their own destiny. Political science is a discipline. It requires understanding of the workings of society. Practicing it well requires a sense of duty and responsibility. Dissent in the streets is an act of revolt, out of frustration. Neither the People nor Government ought capitulate. Only open dialogue will sway either. For that to work, both sides must care, and eventually realise that, in fact, there is no other side.


Agnes Maria 27.10.2013 16:18

That the demonstration was properly organised is an good sign for civilisation. However, when people feel the need to take the streets, it is a sign of underlying systemic problems. This is the only way people feel they will be heard - that is the problem. On initiative of the People as well as Government, dialogue must always be open. Ministries, governmental branches, departments, etc. meant to handle concerns and issues of the population are now inadequate. Average people need a forum for discussion, or these protests will turn uncivilised, savage and mutinous. This is the world we live in. Let's do right by it.

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