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Nairobi terror: Al-Qaeda affiliates hold hostages in deadly mall siege

21.09.2013 13:07

At least 68 people have been killed and 200 others wounded by Al-Qaeda-linked militants in a Nairobi shopping mall, as the hostage crisis there has entered its second day. Foreigners are among the casualties.

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Salim Mohammed 23.09.2013 02:48

Marcel C 22.09.2013 18:47

DANGER : Islam is a threat to all living things, especially innocent women and children.
No Islam,no Islamic jihad,no Islam,no Islamic terrorism.


Hmmm, let's see, the Christian & Zionist led nations has killed almost 8 million people within the past 100 years through unending war for profit, dumped radioactive materials everywhere causing genetic damage to maybe millions more ,has destroyed many nations whose attempt at a better life conflicts with the profit margin of corporations , chokes nations via debt ; but Islam is the problem? You illiterate fool :D


Anne Kennedy 23.09.2013 02:21

That size group armed to the teeth... that kind of organization doesn't come cheap. They have held out for a long time, where do a bunch of freedom fighters get that kind of hardware? Someone is paying for it.


M barroso 23.09.2013 01:20

The rare occurrence of a crazy fanatic ( who is a far cry from Christian or evangelical) targeting an abortion clinic happens once in a decade. Why would you compare the terrorist Islamic radical acts to that? Really? Ridiculous


M barroso 23.09.2013 01:15

If the shopping mall is partly owned by Israelis why should it be unusual that they had Israeli security forces at the scene? The terrorists most likely targeted that particular mall BECAUSE it was Israeli owned.


George Rizk 23.09.2013 00:20

People who know Islam, and Muslims know that there is a special fanaticism in the creed, and the people of the desert. Israel have taken over the West Bank decades ago, and they have extremely repressive way to control the Arabs in that region, yet, they are unable to worship at or near dome of the rock. They actually know that the minute Muslims get offended about their religion or their prophet, they become monsters ready to kill and be killed en mass.


Greg Grisham Vento 22.09.2013 23:48

Usefull idiot "islamists" ; in service to their supposed enemies. Now drone attacks and bombing of Somalia can be justified. Good work boys. Google: "Wesley Clark, 7 nations in 5 years".


Cat 22.09.2013 18:43

Listen up !!! The time has come to stop these types of crimes. How to do it is as follows: Pass a UN resolution that anyone engaging in terrorism where innocents are injured or killed will be designated a "non-human terrorist". In addition, any country found by a special UN investigative committee to be harboring even one "non-human terrorist", will be given one chance to turn the "non-human" ; terrorist over to UN special forces. If this is not done in the time frame set, then Russia, China and the USA will start bombing that country with nuclear weapons until compliance is forthcoming. Capiche?


Sean Byrnes 22.09.2013 18:37

where is team six or spetznaz alpha??

time for the pros to get to work..


Paul 22.09.2013 18:27

This is not going to end well the death toll will keep rising until the terrorists are shot dead to add to the tally.
A very sad 2 day's for Kenya.


MEJanssen 22.09.2013 17:11

Killing non-Muslims? Speaking a foreign language? These are not "freedom fighters" but foreign trouble makers who want to start the kind of anarchy in Kenya that now exists in Libya and Syria. And USA supports these people? If they are not careful, Kerry and McCain will see their names forever linked to the name Al Qaeda.


Lisko 22.09.2013 16:14

Lewis Smart 22.09.2013 06:20

The problem is deeper than religion. It's dogma, judgement, absolutism, and the greed and ambition of those who use religion for their own ends.

Religion is effectively spiritual ideology, and any sort of ideology can go down the path that fundamentalist islam has. Communism and Nazism are examples. Atheism or libertarianism may be next, who knows.


You nailed it. Political correctness, feminism, capitalism, democracy, comes to mind. Whatever flavor of ideology you have becomes fascist against the 'other'.


Fernando Fluguerto Martí 22.09.2013 15:13

God is great ! John is acting, preparing Jesus return !

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