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Nairobi mall siege: 200 hostages freed, military ‘in control’ of building

22.09.2013 20:40

The Kenyan military has reportedly taken control of Nairobi's Westgate shopping mall. Over 200 civilians have been freed and over 60 killed during the three-day bloody hostage crisis in the Kenyan capital.

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Ian Foster 24.09.2013 12:11

Seems like many of the killers were dressed as woman, so don't stop them wearing burcas!


ivon dacosta 24.09.2013 03:50

it was tragic event . why the world has gone mad .especially the terrorists and terrorising states. i have a hunch , in a few years al shahab thugs will be coming to haunt the world again this time backed , financed,armed and trained by almighty u.s.we all know china and india are developing africa to make it the richest continent ever, also we know europeans and their off shoots plundered africa and insulted the people beyond belief .when the development is mid way than will come the gung ho gangs with backing of western alliance.


ZT 24.09.2013 02:53

"There are Israeli advisers helping with the negotiating strategy"

They probably sent the terrorist!


Cat 24.09.2013 02:47

Notice, please NOTICE !!! These terrorists have attacked all over the World. They attacked the USA, Russia, UK, France and Spain, just to name a few. However, they never attacked China. I wonder why. Could it be that maybe, just maybe, it's because China won't let these sub-human terrorists into their country to begin with? Gee Wiz, maybe America ought to try that.


Sa Gunner 24.09.2013 01:25

With any analysis of the spread of terrorism, you always end up with the origin of this crime against humanity being Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is clear as daylight that Wahhabiism/Neo-Salfi sm as espoused by the Saudi rulers in Riyadh is the cause of all heinous terrorist activities throughout the world. The US knows this, Nato knows this and yet Saudi Arabia is still given carte blanche to carry on with its nonsense in the name of Islam. Clamp down severely on Saudi Arabia and terrorism will end. That 80% of Wahhabis/Salaifis are to be found in the USA is an indictment on the Obama Administration!


lopata seven 24.09.2013 00:50

Next move is on Kenya. I expect no less than that they will sent few army groups along with Uganda over border to that lawless failed country and help poor Somalis to get rid of that criminal parasitic band who rule by fear and murder. Do them once and for good.


RadiationJoe 23.09.2013 22:52

[quote name='Azad Tazmin' time='23.09.2013 18:50']

You say you feel "backed into a corner"? Why must the rest of the world have mosque's? Why are there no indian temples or Christian churches in Mecca? There is a problem with islam because your people terrorize everyone and its not the rich that support it! The poor people of islam are willing to strap a bomb to themselves and blow themselves up for some virgins! No other religion is willing to do this. Even Russia and China also deal with this problem Russia with Chechnya and china with some Turkmen in their west. You people are a plaugue on humanity.


RadiationJoe 23.09.2013 22:47

[quote name='Azad Tazmin' time='23.09.2013 18:50']

Now im going to Educate you while yes my country has done things I regret them doing it was not done for religion it was just money....pure corruption and that kinda think would and has happened in every large empire. You muslims attack all other religions. You just did this you bombed Christians in Pakistan. You blew up thousand year old buddist(sp?) statues in Afghanistan. You regularly bomb Hindu's and Sikh You bomb jews(tbh who hasn't) honestly the only group I can think of offhand that you have not attacked are American Indians and who knows maybe im wrong.


CloudCatcher 23.09.2013 21:23

You prat! .. how many car bombs are going off in Africa .. the issue is terrorism .. and just in case you had not noticed, it is worldwide


Moz 23.09.2013 21:15

Does anyone know where this came from? What's the purpose? Why have we jumped from the Middle East back to Africa? Im positive this is connected to something bigger


CloudCatcher 23.09.2013 21:14

.. we do them a favour by giving them death .. and we protect our own from these mindless animals!


CloudCatcher 23.09.2013 21:13

.. the terrorist who sits in a car and presses a button .. the terrorist who enters a family's 'cabin' and uses his AK47 on a mother and children .. how does anyone try to justify that appalling act? a childs's life removed for what reason .. these are animals that cannot see suffering .. cannot understand that it could be their child


CloudCatcher 23.09.2013 21:07

.. Terrorists have no human rights .. nor any right to life!


CloudCatcher 23.09.2013 21:06

... and this is not an anti-muslim issue. It is simple .. all killers of innocents should be eliminated. And we the people demand it of those whom we elect to govern.


CloudCatcher 23.09.2013 20:58

Governments should stop worrying about these animals 'human rights' .. when dogs bit, we put them to death. These animals should be removed before they kill more innocents. Target/assassinate them now. They have no value in this world. And for those who disagree .. then live with the death of these children on your conscience for all you life. If 'drones' are required, use drones. Protect your people!


Azad Tazmin 23.09.2013 18:50

Hello Mr. Justin Nsobundu Obiora,
pls refrain making neg. statements about muslims. Every religion has fanatics. The biggest problems is the US-Christian Government in this world. Do not be surprised, if you corner a person he or she will over react. The wars which the US Government is carrying on past and present (Vietnam -using chemical weapons, Libya, Afganistan, Irak, helping rebels in Syria to name a few) have not been liberated. Instead these countries have been destroyed, material wise as well as human wise. Now tell me Justin, have I not given you some intellectual help! Indict US Government for war crimes.


Justin Nsobundu Obiora 23.09.2013 18:08

muslims are world greatest problems....they kip wagging wars wt non muslims.....terorism =islamism


Geoff King 23.09.2013 13:57

[quote name='Ron Leighton' time='23.09.2013 13:50']

Dum b enough to still believe that birther junk? But your stupidity is compounded. The terrorists are Somalis in any event, not Kenyans, as the story clearly states 4 or 5 times.[/quote
I realize the terrorists are supposedly Somalians, but they are still Al Qaeda. Do you realize Obama's cousin is Odinga, and that he and the head of Obama supported Al Qaeda called for attacks on shopping centers two weeks ago? You would be stupid to believe Obama had nothing to do with this, at least indirectly.

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