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Shock artist nails his genitals to Red Square cobblestone in protest

11.11.2013 04:49

A Russian artist stripped naked outside Lenin's Mausoleum and nailed his testicles to a Red Square cobblestone in front of horrified passersby. It was a "metaphor for apathy, political indifference and fatalism of modern Russian society," he explained.

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Art 11.12.2013 18:21

what a nnob


Poppy Potts 27.11.2013 16:53

Poppy Potts 27.11.2013 16:50


Looks like the liberal trash is working their filth in Russian society just like they did in the USA. If you can't stop it you will end up just like us and its not a good place to be


jeenthough letter 27.11.2013 14:59

I think this guy is kinda lost in translation. while his statement does appear having some sense, what is wrong here is the place and time.that makes him nothing more than an exhibitionistic mazochist.and supporting the tasteless stunt of pussyriot can make only a ladygaga fan, not a man with taste 4 art. and being an artist with bad taste dosent lead u to fame or recognition, unless u do something crasy(and find an audience with bad taste too). what a pathetic attempt. people nowadays r too preocupied with fame and wealth.Luckily most russians do have still taste, compared to the west.


Spetsnaz Reaper 27.11.2013 13:44

Not even for a million dollars will I nail my sensitives to the ground. Madness.

This deranged person must have mental health issues and must be put away to protect himself from hurting himself and to protect others from him.


Malechi Clarke 13.11.2013 11:58

Sad to see all the negative comments about this man's 'mental health...should be put in jail...shot...' (really?) etc. These types of people are the kind of oppressors this man is reacting against - & more power to him! If you have a problem with artistic expression - YOU have a problem - not Pyotr Pavlensky!!!


Anna L. 13.11.2013 06:03

Why haven't they cut him free?


Silver Gardner 13.11.2013 05:49

That guy is brilliant. Protests of that sort cant be ignored like hundreds of silent sign holders.


Mike Littlefield 12.11.2013 21:41



James Martin 12.11.2013 21:40

Doesn't nailing your testicles to the ground only prove that that you, and whatever cause you represent, are a bunch of pathetic, deranged losers?


Ana Luiza 12.11.2013 16:35

[quote name='Ahmadzai' time='12.11.2013 10:03']
0[/quote ]

Human beings are animals. The only species that cover the body and have shame of their genitals.


Ana Luiza 12.11.2013 16:32

Thank you Pyotr Pavlensky!

Those who have no balls and understand nothing about what is going on in this world will surely call you names.

It has always been like this. People don't protest, are apathetic thinking that "it has nothing to do with my daily life." always behave the same in front of political statements and OMY! nakedness!


rocher54 12.11.2013 15:03

From the movie "Silver Bullet", a memorable line - 'Whoo, that hurts my parts!'


DinkumThinkum 12.11.2013 14:17

Oh God! Just the thought of that makes my balls hurt....


weilhammer 12.11.2013 12:14

so did he nail his "nut sack" to the ground or his actual nuts ?? this fellow has got some issues...

either way I bet that smarted .......


Ahmadzai 12.11.2013 10:03

Is that an animal or human being? He should have been arrested and put in prison or shot dead on the spot.


Rich Tygart 12.11.2013 08:07

Well,then there is only one thing to say...He is completely NUTS! :)


Karen Wallis Alexander 12.11.2013 07:04

I don't get all these stupid comments. Nobody believes in anything enough anymore to kick out at the system. He is right everyone is too apathetic. They cannot see strength of feeling for anything, as other than madness anymore. Wake up people!


Dennis Zwolle 12.11.2013 04:46

You might say, that man really got some B A L L S, to strip naked and staple his testicles to the ground! Apathetic, are you kidding me? Without RT-Today we would still be sitting in the dark ages over in America! You want "APATHETIC" ;, try telling people what's really going on and they all think you've fell off you rocker! In a big way, no one wants to here it, only a select group of un-apathetic people from all nations! AH, yes Watson, there are big thing A foot! Anyway, I hope someone wasn't too Apathetic and took him to the Hospital? ;-))


howie 12.11.2013 03:55

The measure of true artistic talent is not found in the artist, but rather in the interpretation of each observer. Not every person who has viewed the Sistine Chapel believed it rose to the level of magnificent. Not every observer of this act will view it as artistic expression. But trust me, there will be many, MANY more who do...

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