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For individual allies to decide their response to Syria – NATO chief

02.09.2013 12:30

NATO’s secretary-general has stated that it is for “individual allies to decide how they will respond” to the Syrian crisis, adding he does not foresee the bloc’s further role except in deploying Patriot missiles to Turkey.

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Andreana Rossi 05.09.2013 01:19

Yes Alex, Your Right, Our Country is being run by a bunch of psychopaths! I to am a american, I am totally against striking Syria & I was against all the other Blood thirsty, Power Mongering, Greed, That the leaders represent.. This is all about the NWO And the Illuminati is running the Country now. Our Government has been taken over.By the Banker Elites.


Alex Shepherd 03.09.2013 22:09

I am an American, and this Syrian war issue is ridiculous. Just wanted to make this clear: Not all of us Americans are swayed by our government. The problem is, our govt doesnt care or need our (citizens) approval to do anything. We are well aware that our govt is funding the rebels and opposition, despite the Nusra Front being involved in it. We keep hearing our elected officials say that we have to respond - but we have been arming the opposition all along; so I believe we have already been actively engaged. Our govt is a joke - we do not live in a democracy; we know this. This country is run by lunatics.


WorkTogether 03.09.2013 17:01

Rasmussen was no help at all.. Makes one distrust all global organizations with ties to the West & its allies. I must say Ban Ki-Moon at least spoke up for a peaceful solution & so did the original UN woman inspector from Italy (her name espcapes me now). She said the chemical attacks, although not 100% conclusive yet, pointed to the rebel forces by an 87% cert. Just pray UN remains on the level!! So much depends on it. Syria has been at war for over 2 years, when the US never thought Assad would last. Obviously Obama does not know Syrians! They are like the Iranians, tough & loyal. Assad's innocence will be proved!


W.J. van der Meer 03.09.2013 08:58

This statement proves that NATO-partners could not reach an agreement. Except UK and France, most European countries are against any military involvement. Even the Obama administration is divided.


Snooping Iswrong 02.09.2013 22:38

One powerful reason why the rule of evil in these governments still continue is because we haven't declared with a clear voice that we don't want Lucifer here. So let's start the following campaign, let's say:

I don't want Lucifer in my country.

I don't want Lucifer in my planet.

Say it everywhere, to everybody. Put it on t-shirts, on posters, on vehicles, on signs, on buildings, everwhere.


Miroslav 02.09.2013 22:37

The same scenario was in Serbia's Kosovo back in 1999. Only instead of "chemical attack" our forces were blamed for "massacring&quo t; civilians, which in fact, were the same monstrous guerillas linked to AlQaida as are in Syria now. Too bad nobody in the west regrets decision to bomb my country and split it in half, done without UN's consent and without evidence.


Greg DeKooters 02.09.2013 21:47

This reader would like to speculate. Let's assume that the release of Sarin gas was not a false flag operation or actually done by the rebels and that the ultimate evidence adduced is that a Syrian Army unit accidentally or without orders from the High Command released the Sarin. How does it help the Syrian people to be brought under attack by the US? Wouldn't a criminal prosecution against those actually responsible for war crimes be more appropriate?


Steve J 02.09.2013 20:11

NATO will just supply patriot missles. No troops. Of course not, blast Asaud and his weapons to weaken him and then the crazies can get in and eat the rest of peoples livers. They will do to Asaud just like they did to Gahdafi in Libia, if he survives the missile attacks.
THERE IS SOME NEWS ON THE INTERNET ON THE REBELS GETTING GAS FROM SAUDI SOURCES. Some links from a Pepe Escobar article, expose the whole crime . Many rebels are also being paid by Saudi source.


Commander 02.09.2013 19:56

NATO, the United Nations, the IMF, the WTO and the World Bank are all controlled by the American Empire. Meanwhile, the psychopathic leaders in Washington are controlled by the huge transnational corporations, including big oil.


Mindaugas Reiciunas 02.09.2013 19:06

Yeah, the "evidence" that are known to Mr Rasmusen and Mr Obama are secret because they have no evidence at all. It is a typical propaganda used by USA and those loyal to theyre plans. They know that Russia will hesitate to attack USA in order to protect innocent country from tirony of headless US army. Soon it will be impossible to stop USA from invading any country.


Dimitri 02.09.2013 18:13

That's a slick move. UN saying that it has decided not to attack, but it leaves the opportunity to individual states. UN has lost all its legitimacy long time ago, it is nothing but a proxy for US.


gabriel k 02.09.2013 18:05

There is no doubt that this chemical attack was staged by outsiders,and the top candidate that is evil enough to stage this kind of despicable act is Bandar ben Sultan of Saudi Arabia in collaboration with Saad Al Hariri of Lebanon and Erdogan as the facilitator,this trio are the ultimate evil of our times,they invested so much in this conflict and they would go to any length to stop the progress of the Syrian army.


Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle 02.09.2013 18:03

Look, like most Americans we'ed paid for that wonderful satellite that can take pictures of a Grapefruit from space and see the dimples! Take those pictures and show our buddies the Russians and Chinese the pictures! Your not giving anything away secrets, they know we have this capability! Then all of us can come together and cement this thing and arrest Assad! Being a president he should know the LAW on using GAS as a deterrent! Nukes are another thing, then you get our buddies up-stairs involved, they DO NOT LIKE NUKES! For the NSA reading all this info-you know, "WHY"


Live on your knees or die fighting 02.09.2013 17:23

Both the UN and NATO will damage their reputation irreparibly if they do not remain absolutley 100% neutral in this whole situation.

Mr Rasmussen is correct to say NATO has no involvement he knows their may be criminal charges.


Anthony David 02.09.2013 16:42

N.A.T.O is just like the United Nations.
Both these organizations are interest driven assemblies.
Unde rstanding the (Relative) natures of the signatories of each assembly. The motivation for the decision making process is clear.

Howe ver to earnestly understand the relative nature the unbias scholar must look at the nature of motivation/inspirati ons/causality.

My personal findings are that principals have been supplanted for "interests" ;.
The planetary forces of leadership have been swindled into the cognitive confusion of the meaning of "interests" ;.

Nations of the world have a relative interest in global affairs.


Stephen Kwan 02.09.2013 15:31

Bypass UN the capability of any nation to attack other nation is NOT A BIT of so-called Rule of Law. In public to pronounce president of other nation "Must Go" is NOT A BIT of so-called International Law. Disregarding the lives and well being of people of other nations by creating huge numbers of REFUGEES by waging wars is IRRESPONSIBLE and UNACCOUNTABLE.
If all of that call DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM. Then, the Disastrous condition to other nations is a "EVIL HEAVEN" to such so-called democracy. WHY SHOULD THIS WORLD TAKE SUCH NONSENSE ?

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