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Troubled waters: Naval forces line Syrian shores

06.09.2013 12:57

Mounting pressure for a Western strike on Syria has seen naval forces both friendly and hostile to Damascus build up off the embattled country’s coastline.

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Jaydrian Clouse 31.10.2013 13:09

and what right do you have, what proof do u have to call america criminals?


Jaydrian Clouse 31.10.2013 13:08

dark horse, what country do u come from? we value freedom and that is what their citizens deserve.


darkhorse809 08.10.2013 23:39

America back off. Russia at least will stand up to the criminals of the USA but seriously why is it always war with you idiots so I say this America stay out of this. let Syria make their own choices and let them suffer for their own actions if you butt in you will destroy this planet


darkhorse809 08.10.2013 23:35

I have a feeling that these nitwits want to end the world


darkhorse809 08.10.2013 23:32

war is not the answer if this begins it will end in a matter of days as each country involved is equipped with at least one nuclear missile. if war starts buttons will be pressed and this world will be destroyed. I don't care if your president or anything but I will have no part in this worlds destruction. so stop being power hungry and learn to be diplomatic. I said it once and ill say it again war is NOT the solution to this


Stan Theman 14.09.2013 02:46

Kenneth E. Boyd 11.09.2013 21:46

The Russian navy is no match for the US Navy. Twelve years of continual combat has the US military more prepared for kicking booty than the alcoholic nitwits of mother Russia .


We ll why than in Black Sea 2 small Russian patrol boats Bezzavetny and SKR 6 went against US Navy Cruiser USS Yorktown CG48 and Destroyer USS Caron DD-970 on 12 of February 1988 . Witch resulted in US ships withdrawal with fires aboard and heavy damage. As far as I know they were the only trails conducted by Russia against USA on the seas. Maybe they due for another one?


Kenneth E. Boyd 11.09.2013 21:46

The Russian navy is no match for the US Navy. Despite the bellicose blowhards on this site, the Russian military is anemic at best. Twelve years of continual combat has the US military more prepared for kicking booty than the alcoholic nitwits of mother Russia .


Shawn 09.09.2013 13:50

Lets "do this" now......why wait till later?" "It's" coming soon anyway...


Francesco Sammarco 09.09.2013 08:22

Russian appeals for talks, a political solution and peace in Syria have landed on deaf ears. Russia must come out of its hideout, and send a strong signal to all forces which are conjuring for the imminent annihilation of the Syrian state. A strong signal - following the trend of the US & its allies - is not just words, is the dissuasive force of military might. Without this, all peace talks and attempts to find a dialogue - in the present situation - are destined to fail, abruptly. Russia should also start to plan ahead for strategic alliances in the region, before it's too late.


Svarun SeventySeven 08.09.2013 21:53

Time for talk is over........if Russia&China don't protect Syria from these genocidal criminals they will soon be facing them on their own borders.I like what I hear from Russia but time for talk is over, now it's time to act. USA has become the ultimate force of evil&injustice - they have to be stopped, by whatever means neccessary.


Billy Bennett Kestell 08.09.2013 19:23

This doesn't even scratch the surface. I wish the world knew what it was in for.


Danny Durham 08.09.2013 11:58

For anybody that is interested.....

The reason for the recent attack by Israeli Aircraft on the weapons depot in Syria with special empahasis on the Russian Anti Ship missle systems should now become obvious.

Cl ealry, the chemical provocation attack must be seen in context of these naval force deployments....

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