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Thousands rally in support of opposition activist Navalny in Russia

18.07.2013 12:21

Russian riot police detained dozens of protesters during unauthorized but peaceful rallies held in several Russian cities after anti-corruption blogger Aleksey Navalny was sentenced to five years for embezzlement on Thursday morning.

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Anonymous user 19.07.2013 17:23

Putin:We will consider giving Snowden asylum only if he stops leaking US secrets. effing laughable!

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 15:10

Putin is only one man who has little morals & nothing else; strip him bare & there is nothing else!

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 13:51

poor show RT,no balanced debate.
FREE - Navalny
FREE - Puszy Riot
lock-up pooting
yeh !!!

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 12:09

US has no problem itself being a police state but sics its MSM on Russia to protect oligarchs.

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 12:03

Just like the Cold War which US planned while Russia fought in Pacific, US planned this in 1990s.

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 12:01

11:57 2500 of 140 mln? I bet you can find more people in Russia who believe they're Napoleon.

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 12:01

Like the "color" revolutions this usurpation of democracy was set in motion years ago by the West.

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 11:58

US-funded shills are out doing their jobs in force. Even in the US convicted pols can't hold office

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 11:57

thousand in the streets of Moscow, as well as many other Russians, would disagree.

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 11:56

11:54 There was no political persecution. Navalny is not a politician, he's just a thief.

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 11:54

If Russia doesn't like protests, let the courts be independent and stop political persecution

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