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Russia to expand Mediterranean fleet to 10 warships – Navy chief

13.09.2013 05:07

The Russian Navy intends to build its presence in the Mediterranean Sea - particularly in the area close to Syrian shores - to up to 10 battleships, announced Admiral of the Fleet Viktor Chirkov.

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truth 11.08.2014 01:04

the Most beautiful ships in the world even i love old wooden sailing warships there ships are stunningly beautiful God Bless all who sail in them their great motherland n their very special president


Kazi Quayum 03.11.2013 14:24

great russia


David R Allen 28.09.2013 13:01

Tommy, your info is a LITTLE dated - as of 1 Dec 2012, the USS Enterprise was deactivated, the Reagan, Stennis, Lincoln, and Eisenhower are unavailable (due to heavy repairs) until late 2014. Only the Nimitz (Red Sea) and Truman (Persian Gulf) are at sea - the other 8 (along w/their CSGs) are all in port.

Those frigates (the only USN ships NOT in CSGs), are barely usable antiques - new parts have to be machined, as the original suppliers are gone & their radios use VACUUM TUBES!

No, Reagan's 600 ship navy is long gone, and only a double handful of grey ships (flying American flags) still prowl the world's oceans.


ronny 16.09.2013 13:34

It's outright rubbish for any unlearned cohort to come out with such barbaric statement that Russia has always be on the wrong side of history. I hope history reveals the priceless sacrifice they made during the second world war. Which country on the face of the earth has used covert operations and dangerous narcotics to overthrow legitimate gov'ts and funded rebels in this world like the U.S. Take a study on the chaos inthe Arab world and few years back in latin America and Africa please give us a f!!!!!!!! break ok.


Hugh Vincelette 16.09.2013 00:32

As far as a Russian buildup of ships are concerned, Shouldn't it be irrelevant in view of the Cold War being over & in view of the west & Russia being allies of sorts? While seemingly addicted to a strong man directing their lives & telling them what to do, they at least ditched Marxism. I lived in San Diego for a number of years & as far as US Naval ships go; if you live in a region that suffers a catastrophic natural disaster; you want one of those ships nearby. In addition to armaments, they are incredibly equipped with a host of resources like food, & superb medical facilities, including operating rooms.


David Pillsbury 16.09.2013 00:04

I believe Obama has reduced our 11 aircraft carriers to 4. Not much news on this and its consequence i.e. Obama is "out gunned" in the Eastern Med. So the "unbelievably small" and "non-regime changing attack" looks like a plea to the Russian Navy. Check the accuracy of the naval inventory over there and see why our community organizer blinked.


Belinda Butler 15.09.2013 06:15

Russia has always been in the wrong side of history; this one is no difference.


Jim McMexico 14.09.2013 23:02

jglassel 27 is absolutely correct. And for Tommy Udo, who tested the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated, and what were it's effects. Want a few of those lobbed on countries that attack Syria do you?


Richard Alan Russell 14.09.2013 20:34

no, congress would have shot down obama's bombing, just like the historic parliamentary vote in UK. he wanted to avoid this and set pretext for war once peace doesn't work with this just now passed UN arm's resolution. we are going to war. there is NO stopping it. the entire globe is going to scream "stop" before and after. these conflicts and global financial problems are the beginning of pathological manifestations incubated by global capitalism, which just is not going to work status quo. the US and other nations as a whole are reactionary: in fact the functions of democracy are inherently reactionary.


rogirl 14.09.2013 09:02

Good news that Russia is making its presence felt in the Med near the Syian Coast. This is a very good and very necessary deterrent and absolutely vital for world peace.
Mr Vladamir Putin, President of Russia for the Nobel Peace Prize please.


Colin Shorey 14.09.2013 07:20

Looks like the Russians are taking over the med under the guise of Syria.Better enlarge the artificial reef at Gibraltar to stop them getting our.GiB was nothing to do with fish,its a partial blockade."Such Fun" BBC Miranda.we use to play "Gangs "when we were children too.It is like the bully boy shaking sticks,busy doing nothing,extremely well paid by muggins.Keep on at this rateand Head Teacher will be out and them all on litter picking,I know its silly ,lots of time wasted,many military killed or maimed,ccivilians dead,homes destroyed.million of refugees.What a good idea,who's idea was it?Humans,"Such Fun" Love?

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