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Greek footballer receives lifetime ban over Nazi salute

17.03.2013 17:13

AEK Athens’ player Giorgos Katidis has been banned for life from playing for any national teams by Greece's soccer federation. The punishment followed his alleged Nazi salute given to fans to celebrate his winning goal in a domestic game.

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Anonymous user 18.03.2013 01:14

Iraqi Genocide Holocaust,post-1990, 2003 deaths=4.5 million,2.6 million! Ban for American Salute!

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 01:10

A salut is just that, some people do worst things.

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 00:54

It is ordinary salut.
The boy is innocent.

C aesar.

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 00:53

What a fk? Who are they so afraid of?

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 00:33

Jewish Bolsheviks Murdered 66 Million In Russia. Let's ban for life for Jewish Salute in BBC NBC etc

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 00:25

Oh Social Media=few Jews running megaphone software out of tell Aviv

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 00:16

I see players run around with a arm raised after scoring a big goal often; fans being too sensitive.

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 00:14

What are they so afraid of? What needs to be suppressed so aggressively?

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 23:43

And who was harmed by his salute, regadless of its percived meaning? Is freedom of thought AND due p

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 23:13

That dummy just threw away his career

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