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Speak no evil: Netanyahu orders Israeli ministers to ‘remain silent’ on Syria

28.04.2013 17:06

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered his ministers to cease making public comments on the civil conflict in Syria, especially reports regarding the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces, Israeli media said.

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Anonymous user 22.07.2013 06:25

Warmongering Israel is devoid of integrity and helping to cause instability for illegal occupation.

Anonymous user 22.07.2013 06:18

EU dropping aid for Israel might help in getting illegal occupation stopped and peace to ensue.

Anonymous user 28.06.2013 15:21

I can't wait for the Israelis to take over Saudi and Qatar. The GCC deserves to be humiliated.

Anonymous user 31.05.2013 17:42

SA King likes Israeli humiliation and is their brother as his famly membr has share in Citi grp

Anonymous user 05.05.2013 10:25

How criminal mentalities one would expect,where they could go when under attacked by multiple forces

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 17:03

Zionits are the very embodiment of all evil! No need to utter it!

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 03:39

they are already there! Thats his war.War for territory.

Anonymous user 30.04.2013 05:04

Parting the sea would be far easier--yahoo

Anonymous user 30.04.2013 03:21

so Israel's not really a democracy then? Actions speaking louder than words

Anonymous user 30.04.2013 03:18

having read about Netanyahu's psychiatrist's report i agree ... Sinister

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 23:34

This the voice of Netanyahu that goes out from the mouth of Ze’ev Elkin

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 23:26

This is the voice of Netanyahu that goes out from the mouth of deputy foreign minister Ze’ev Elkin

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 12:38

Shh!A little leaven leavens the whole lump,so speak no more evil.

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 12:35

Israeli intelligence already said first about Asad using chemical weapons,now to keep "QUIET"ha, ha !

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 12:28


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