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Netanyahu heads to US to tell Obama ‘truth’ about Iran

29.09.2013 02:31

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with Barack Obama to discuss the “smokescreen” the Iranian president used to fool Western powers. The White House meeting will take place before Netanyahu addresses the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

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Bob 16.11.2013 00:01

Every leader in the Western world, knows that Netanyahu is a liar, in private they all say so and know him well, so what truth is he bringing to the President of the USA this time?


Mickel Johnson 06.10.2013 14:07

Mickel Johnson 06.10.2013 14:04

Why? You don't talk to the wooden dummy of the Ventriloquist, you talk to the person operated him.
Case in point, talking to Obama the political puppet isn't going to do anything.




Mickel Johnson 06.10.2013 14:04

Why? You don't talk to the wooden dummy of the Ventriloquist, you talk to the person operated him.
Case in point, talking to Obama the political puppet isn't going to do anything.


Florenco diFirenze 01.10.2013 13:59

The greatest threat to Israel is Iran. Iran stands up to imperialism, apartheid, racism that Israel uses to dominate every aspect of life.


Florenco diFirenze 01.10.2013 13:57

Zionism craftiness, this Netayahu spins a very huge tale. Even spiders can get stuck in their own web. Netanyahu is a good orator but his logic is filled with mud for pigs in the West. Waddle, piggies.


Jill Wheeler 01.10.2013 10:55

Hmmm...I posted this yesterday and it was in the comments section for awhile... and now it's gone.
Let's try again.

Isra el~ Israelis need years of therapy, their trauma has been playing out for centuries!! As a matter of fact many US citizens need it too...especially the politicians in the U.S.! I'm serious. ..enough of the lies, wars~deaths all for the sake of empire building, imperialism, PROFIT and so called religion. PLEASE get some help..PLEASE.


Autonomous 30.09.2013 22:07

[quote name='Netanyahu ' time='30.09.2013 21:32']
Telling the truth at this time is essential for world peace and security and, of course, for Israel's security,"[/quo te]

Agreed, telling the truth is good for peace. There is a complete media blackout in the US regarding Israel's chemical and biological weapons stockpile.


Autonomous 30.09.2013 21:44

I just wish Netanyahu would tell the truth about Israel for once.


KayteGraves 30.09.2013 21:14

Oh how nice, Obama's boss is flying into town. Good thing because the guy seems so lost without guidance.


Lawrence Henni 30.09.2013 19:44

I think the truth goes back a long way, & regardless of what truth Israeli representatives say, evidence & currently & previously classified materials must be peacefully & lawfully weighed, measured, compared, contrasted & reasoned to, by & for principle, morality, intention, law & truth. This is to say the least.


Lawrence Henni 30.09.2013 19:34

Can we all value every human life? What is the real truth? Why does this publication say the "Iranian hard-liners hurled shoes and eggs at Rouhani’s car chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”? I do not know exactly why people would say this & what exactly do they mean. There are good Americans with good will & intentions, & are completely innocent humankinds not deserving any harm.


Agnes Maria 30.09.2013 19:24

Token gestures to appear to be in service to others will not hide the true intentions of your Spirit. Nice try. You will be judged as what you are by those with the capacity for right judgement developed through logic and superior intellect. I don't normally do this, but I am going to quote the Bible. It says Judge not lest you be judged by the same level of judgement of which you are capable. That is the entire quote, (and no, I do not remember in what chapter in that ancient, too many times amended Roman Law book it says it). It is one of the most famous passages that is commonly misquoted. Meditate on it.


Kay 30.09.2013 16:37

EVERYONE knows Nutjobyahoo is a liar, a cheat, and the #1 inhibitor of peace in the region! I say "F U Nutjobyahoo! Give Peace a chance for a change you hateful heathen!" Americans take note on which elected official supports "Israel", and rid your selfs of these parasites!

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