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Welcome to #Neuland: Merkel’s remark about Internet goes viral

19.06.2013 16:21

German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced a viral wave of online derision following her comments to US President Barack Obama that the Internet was ‘Neuland’ (new, or ‘uncharted’ territory) “for all of us.”

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Frankie Lee Fonseca 30.09.2013 03:49

if it wasent for usa and allies we be more into poverty than we already are so usa till death the world better stop hatin its their poor gov actions that keep them poor so don't blame it on us .................... ....

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 14:27

The Internet is a social constructions of people spending their lives offline.

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 22:49

I don't understand why this has gone so viral. This just a metaphor.

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 16:06

A good test to determine if someone is a dumbass is to see how confused they get over a metaphor.


DC 20.06.2013 13:40

Well. There will be the Neuland Internet soon...
I would give it 5 years or so.
It's probably gonna be based in Russia or China.
It's probably going to be 2 - 3 world Internets, on Earth only :) It will be impossible to stop it. It will be fun >:)

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 12:58

The internet is just playing a initial role for global influence on politics. New territory.

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 12:55

Neuland means just something new we do not adapt on yet.


Oliver Gassner 20.06.2013 12:09

Worse than Merkel are the fascist comments here full of the hate that led Germany astrray after 1933.

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 09:16

All bow to Obama, the wolf in sheep clothing. Mrs Obama stating she has come home to Ireland slobber

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 08:24

Sorry Germany, if you want to be US/Israel puppet slave, you don't have respect from the world.

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 07:21

Dont they have botox in Germnay? She looks horrible lol

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