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UK doctors given bonuses for placing patients on ‘death lists’ - report

20.10.2013 12:32

General practitioners in England have been receiving £50 bonuses for placing patients on controversial ‘death lists’ in order to reduce the number of occupied hospital beds. The move is yet another tactic aimed at cutting NHS costs, UK media reported.

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gigi 22.10.2013 14:27

Again misinterpretation by the media end of life is a shared decision not only with medical practitioners.


Liam Wilson 22.10.2013 10:04

Really Bruce? You've heard of Alder Hey and the Care Pathway system right? Scandals are uncovered for a reason. It amazes me how many people in my own country don't understand we are in an elective dictatorship, not a democracy. In a democracy this would never be tolerated.


Bruce Fast 22.10.2013 04:27

Why do these stories have to slant situations so negatively? Doctors are paid £50 for the hassle of making an end of life plan with patients. They spend honest time making the plan, so they should be compensated. If patients have an end of life plan they are happier for it.

However , if a patient asks for full hospital coverage to the very end and that all means be taken to extend his life -- the doctor still gets the £50 for the consult.

There's no story here folks.


benoit karikumutima 21.10.2013 20:43

Ohh god


Tony Blair 21.10.2013 19:20

Would it not be cheaper to load them onto cattle trucks at the rail head & deport them to re settlement camps in the east. Ravensbrook & Treblinka offer very reasonable processing costs.


Shannon M Ashbrook 21.10.2013 15:31

Death incentives given in the UK? Yipes


Pete Anderson 21.10.2013 13:59

Anti-capitalist people need to wake up. We are being brought down by the socialist policies of the E.U.
The NHS is a socialist organisation and far worse than European capitalist models.
The banking system is corrupt, Banks have a licence to print money and they charge us for the privilege !
No country should be forced to borrow money at interest when they can print their own.
The Bankers and the E.U are working together they want to create a socialist dictatorship. They want to take away our freedoms, and idiots who keep shouting anti-capitalist are helping to further their agenda.


dancebackthesea 21.10.2013 13:11

I think end of life care choices are VERY important. I'd rather die at home, or hospice - or if possible Dignitis in Zurich should my illness become too painful.

In the US, I've seen what violence they do in hospitals to those who are dying. No one but the emergency team allowed near the one you love. It's sick and inhumane, but the doctors don't want to get sued, and the hospital makes a bundle.

Do you really want to die in a hospital? Do you really want no choice over how you die?


Lageraemia 21.10.2013 11:44

'Nicely researched' my backside.

I t shows a total ignorance of how primary care is funded withint the NHS, and an even greater ignorance or what the process of 'Advance Care Planning' actually involves.

It's about making decisions according to want people and their relatives want to happen to them (and this is really novel bit) after actually asking THEM.

Hospi tal is not always the best place for people. Many of my patient would rather die at home with their families, rather than be bundled into hospital on their own in a futile attempt to save their life or (more commonly) because no one knows what else to do.


Agnes Maria 21.10.2013 09:57

Nicely researched article. Pulling that many resources is skill.

Othe rs, relax, it is just the system collapsing underneath its own massive bulk, and desperately attempting to cope. Any incentives given to the people are a means to make it easier. Rather than simply cutting costs by denying hospital admittance and medical care, they have their contingency plan, which they based on the requirements for comfortable death. It may be the best that they can do with their current situation, considering that people are being transported in police cruisers, etc. The shortage of space in hospitals is also a very real problem.

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