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Nobel winner accuses Ukrainian authorities of 'historical revisionism'

Published time: April 02, 2008 15:31
Edited time: April 02, 2008 15:31

The famous Russian writer, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, says Ukrainian efforts to have the 1930s famine recognised as Russian genocide against Ukraine is an act of historical revisionism.

In an interview with Izvestia newspaper the Nobel-winning author explains that the famine was caused by the corrupt ideals of the Communist regime, under which all suffered equally. It was not an assault by the Russian people against the people of Ukraine, and that the wish to view it as such is only a recent development.

“This provocative outcry of genocide was voiced only decades later. At first, it thrived secretly in the stale chauvinist minds opposing the ”bloody Russians“. Now it has got hold of political minds in modern Ukraine. It seems they've surpassed the wild suggestions of the Bolshevik propaganda machine. ”To the parliaments of the world« – a nice teaser for the Western ears. They have never cared about our history. All they need is a fable, no matter how loony it appears.»

Russia's Duma has reviewed the arguments concerning the famine in Ukraine in the 1930's.  

A clear majority of the delegates has concluded that political and economic reasons were behind forced collectivisation - not ethnic prejudices. 


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