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North Korea demands apology from South Korea for ‘open declaration of war’

09.03.2013 21:35

Recent statements by Seoul have angered Pyongyang to the extent that the latter considers them a cry for war. This follows North Korea’s nullifying all non-aggression pacts and cutting the hotline with its southern neighbor.

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Anonymous user 28.03.2013 02:58

America's tyranist regime needs to be taken out, any one who can't see that is blind or a communist.

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 02:54

Kim jun un should apologize to Johnny Cash for discracing the man in black. Give it up phonys....

Anonymous user 26.03.2013 01:31

North Korea and its Regime,, needs to be taken out,, anyone who thinks otherwise is ...............


steve Manista 15.03.2013 19:25

[quote name='Koz Koz' time='11.03.2013 14:39'][quote name='Kyle Moran' time='10.03.2013 17:18']<block quot e class="quote&am p;amp;qu ot;>

"the statement above easily applies to the US too. how is a 2 party electoral system real democracy? when the same people finance both parties? haha wake up"

Ho w is it that you think America is supposed to be a democracy? If public schooling propaganda wasn't so successful you would know that we are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic where the rights of each person are protected and even the majority (supposedly) cannot remove those rights. tho we have reached that point

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 10:20

America a nation of war thirst


David Kim 12.03.2013 08:53

1950–5 3 – Korea.
1959–75 – Vietnam.
2003– 11 – Iraq.
About 5 years ago, I heard from someone stationed in the military there that across the DMZ you can see concrete pads laid out marking out angle degrees and the bridges are wired to blow. It would be an absolute nightmare. I think all could see easy, as a direction, no more war, as a way it ought to be. Though it seems like a madman in the middle of two nuclear powers would be a friend of a bomb maker, especially one that sells insurance and controls the airwaves. Just kidding.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 23:22

least costly way to wage war on anglos race is to attack and nuke england and kill english race-

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 23:20

in any confrontation england msut be targetted and taken out with nuclear attacks-to kill english.


Koz Koz 11.03.2013 14:39

[quote name='Kyle Moran' time='10.03.2013 17:18']<blockquot e class="quote&qu ot;>

&qu ot;Is that why they all have rigged election, state run media, political prisons and murderous leaders?"

the statement above easily applies to the US too. how is a 2 party electoral system real democracy? when the same people finance both parties? haha wake up


Koz Koz 11.03.2013 14:37

Kyle Moran 10.03.2013 17:03

<blockquot e class="quote&qu ot;>

Alt h ough among American, support for Bashar al- Assad is low. Americans rarely support dictators, just 9% of Americans said they like "president" ; ; (dictator) Hugo Chavez.


Kyle - those so called dictators are presented to you through tinted glasses of the US Media. one mans dictator is another mans saviour! one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter...


Koz Koz 11.03.2013 14:34

Kyle Moran 10.03.2013 16:53

<blockquot e class="quote&qu ot;><i class="left-ico n"></i> ;<i class="right-ic on"></i&g t;<div class="info&quo t;><span class="name&quo t;>Anonymous user</span> wrote on 10.03.2013 16:51</div>Kyl e Moran: &amp;lt;promote freedom of speech&amp;gt;

With Free Speech Zones?? COINTELPRO? HUAC? McCarthy? NDAA?</blockquote >

Are you denying the existence of freedom of speech in the United States? I'm confused as to how someone could...


ok just as a tester, go and tell you local police officer that you think the terrorists are doing the right thing ans see if youre not locked up..?

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 06:58

North Korea Should be wiped clean and Taken.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 03:33

North Korea ignores "if you strike first" Nonsense. Why would anyone support China supporting this?


Steve Kirton 11.03.2013 01:45

Considering the number of mindless comments, it sounds as though the zionist industrialist complex is at work here. Anyone with half a brain can work out everything that led up to 1952 is being formally reinvested to bring on faux WWIII!

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 01:25

were across the border..we practice military drills off your coast waving 2 u.Hoping u will,but nada

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