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North Korea ends non-aggression pacts with South, cuts hotline

08.03.2013 00:46

Pyongyang announced Friday that it is nullifying non-aggression pacts with South Korea and cutting the hotline with its neighbor. It comes after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution expanding sanctions against North Korea.

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Anonymous user 13.03.2013 03:23

Shame on Russia and China for supporting this madness. -
not sure if i get that comment. explain?

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 04:02

That Dim Young-un must need his diaper changed.


Mitch Doakes 10.03.2013 17:16

Seems like just another situation the USA will have to deal with if china cannot calm both sides down, these koreans need to learn to look after themselves, also the north side is way to arrogant they are just asking to get there butts kicked.

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 17:10

Shame on Russia and China for supporting this madness. Long live the DPRK!

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 10:22

Hear what he told Rodman, Something is weird. What if he's a hostage? They've cut communication. Hmm

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 02:51

If US uses new weapons it might start an arms race, If it uses nukes fallout will hurt the south.

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 19:21

i think this would be better, in the end of all this there will be
one korea :P, hopefully, SK wins

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 08:09

Only America has the power and will to save us all.
Weak Russia is suporting NK


Stephen Anderle 09.03.2013 06:51

saucer technology? What ? are we gonna throw razer edged frisbees at 'em? I'd say more like 2 conventional rockets at the right places. one at the rocket launch site and the other??? :) Maybe a bunker?!!

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 06:42

US would fire back nukes as coverup while much of destruction would be new super weapons. NK ready?

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 06:38

US developed saucer technology with help of nazii scientists and are now looking for excuse to use.

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 06:36

NK will give USA excuse to use focused energy weapon it tested on Twin Towers on larger war scale.

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 05:13

British aim: Germany and USSR destroying each other. Russia thus forced to make deal with devil.

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 05:10

05:04: <Pact>

From 1932-1939, British appeasers rejected USSR calls for alliance against Hitler.

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