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N. Korea rejects UN sanctions as war ghosts are conjured

09.03.2013 08:04

Amid the growing tension in the Korean Peninsula, Pyongyang has formally rejected the new round of UN sanctions aimed at undermining its missile and nuclear programs. The sanctions, while trumpeted as a serious blow to North Korea, may prove futile.

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Anonymous user 28.03.2013 13:45

kim is just like a kid, he keeps on threatening south & us.are you blind? dogs barks when bite none.

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 15:59

seems pretty clear a bunch of NK pawns just repeatedly post pro-korean and anti-american views here

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 20:10

Its sad that none of you can seem to grasp proper grammar and punctuation.


Kyle Moran 10.03.2013 18:35

Stan- If there was nothing bad committed by the US government, we would be living in a good world! But every gov has and will commit mistakes. And there will always need to be the right to criticize them, something you can do in the US but not in the DPRK.

The KSA sit. is further evidence that the US is allies with people who disagree with them and doesn't bomb people who they disagree with. The KSA's stance on democracy is bad, and they too are oppressive. But my point is that I'm not talking about the KSA and the HR situation there, I'm talking about the oppressive regime in Pyongyang and why we should oppose it.


Stan Dinsmore 10.03.2013 17:25

K.Moran: Where you shag N.Korea for jailing thier own people for critising Regime. Done by many countries, recently notably by US Goe-political ally Saudi Arabia. No Political parties allowed, Only Royal family dictates apply. US have little to say in opposition to that.


Stan Dinsmore 10.03.2013 17:20

K.Moran: read my post- slowly - I didn't say N.Korea was "free". Free like USA? Whose definition of 'free'? The point of my post was to say N>Korea won't attack; Jong Un playing the political games they all play. I'm sure we will all still be here in immediate future; which will prove my point. As for my attacking USA; if US Gov't behave better; I would have nothing to say about them, would I?


Kyle Moran 10.03.2013 15:17

Muhammad- North Korea started the Korean war, how is that American aggression? You're right on one thing- there is a holocaust in North Korea. It is led by the Kim regime against their own people. If there is any fault in loyalty to the "dear leader" then three generations of people are put into concentration camps.

Insi de the concentration camps, people are not even treated as humans. I disagree with Afghanistan war, Iraq war, etc etc, but to support a murderous dictator in the most oppressed country in the world? You take it way too far, step back and realize WHO and WHAT you are supporting.


Kyle Moran 10.03.2013 15:13

Stan- North Korea has repeatedly threatened to destroy the United States, and on several occasions broken the peace accord with the South (which they just nullified). They kill anyone of any religion, especially Christians. They oppress their people into thinking that South Korea is the one that is oppressed, and only have State- run media that has the lowest ranking in the world. If you can honestly believe that they are "free" while America (where you can say virtually anything about the US government) is oppressed... you probably should take a break from politics because it clearly isn't your strong suit.


Muhammad Abbass 10.03.2013 14:40

No matter if it is North Korea, which suffered a massive holocaust at the pointy end of US aggression and has been subject to threats and sanctions ever since successfully defending themselves IN THEIR OWN BACKYARD or Iran which has been victim of US regime change, sanctions and terrorism for decades it is always the same. It isn;t them making trouble, waging war or making primary threats. These nations like so many before them, are simply being targeted by US military aggression on behalf of the Bankers who own the USA so they can loot yet another nation and economy.


Muhammad Abbass 10.03.2013 14:30

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 05:36

drop a bomb on them and get it over with already


If you mean Washington, most of the world would agree with you. How does it escape people like you, that the nations you demonise are invariably ONLY making military postures in direct response to YOUR threats towards them? You threaten to wage a major war against Iran, for a huge and obvious LIE and then scream foul when they say they will hit you hard in self defence. YOU THEN PROCEED TO USE THESE WORDS as prima facie evidence of THEIR aggressive intent.
You are a L U N A T I C....

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 05:36

drop a bomb on them and get it over with already


Stan Dinsmore 10.03.2013 04:50

K.Moran says: NK is threatening attack on USA... With what? I doubt they have the capability to do it, 2nd; Jong Un issued threat after tightened sanctions. Threatening isn't DOING. Un is pulling on USAs' chain; doing what all politicos globally do. Threatening, Cajoling, Grandstanding,testin g limits; all part of the Political handbook. After all, Isreal + US threaten military strike vs Iran. You worried about that? I doubt it. I'm not concerned, either. That is why all countries have ambassadors all over world. The Politicos know what is happening everywhere. North Korea will not launch an attack.

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