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UN Security Council adopts resolution expanding sanctions on North Korea

07.03.2013 14:59

The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution expanding sanctions against North Korea. The new resolution, which was drafted by the US and China, was in response to Pyongyang's third nuclear test.

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Lahen Guahan 21.03.2013 05:10

If All Can Just Get Along With All Nothing Like This Will Ever Have Gone Too Far Peace Is What We Need And The World Deserves To Be With Love, Peace & Praise Believe In The LOrd & Our Heavenly Father And Let Love Take Over Power And Justice We Dont Need War To Prove Our Innocense If We Just Let Our Dear Lord In To Our Lives...


Lahen Guahan 21.03.2013 05:00

What are the outcomes of NK & The UN With China & Russia...

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 03:25

UN stll is only a fig leave for securing Zionat-US as leader of Imerialist World dominatin+how long

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 16:00

Seems Legit

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 13:37

World peace

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 13:05

the US is the world

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 09:10

The Geneva Conv clearly states any country has the legit right develop its deterrent.

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 09:02

if north korea is determined to make bombs then it will do. sanctions will not stop them.

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 04:12

By supporting sanctions all you are doing is killing innocent people. Hypocrites.

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 04:10

I heard that Obama just threatened to hit Kim Jong with his purse too ! LOL

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 02:57

These nations are adoption the bad policy of: Give something-get something. How disappointing!

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 01:40

Has anybody seen Iranian nukes?Any proof,picture or even a fax 4 thelast 50 years?U r Brained washed

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 01:05

US says <ALL options open> when attacking Iran. Nukes are seen as an <option>, along with DU.

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 01:02

POLICY allows use of nukes against non-nuclear states. Obama revoked policy, but excepts Iran.

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 00:51

07.03.2013 22:48: <US RULES the WORLD>

A nd deadly Israel rules U.S..

Ruler is who gets the blame.

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 00:48

<... sent an unequivocal message> -- Moon.

Speak , write, email! -- that's how to send a message.

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