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The blame game: NSA chief points finger at US diplomats in spy scandal

01.11.2013 04:37

In an unexpected twist in the NSA scandal, spy chief Keith Alexander has blamed US diplomats for ordering surveillance on EU politicians. Meanwhile, State Secretary John Kerry has admitted espionage “reached too far,” alleging it was on “automatic pilot.”

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Björn Holm 12.04.2014 08:35

Wild West episide 2.
Hard to believe.


Amy Barnes 04.11.2013 16:38

I do not blame the special services, who were PWND and used like toys themselves. It's unfair to blame them really to 100% because they are at the beck, whim, call, etc. of corrupt people in suits.

The corruption is bad enough throughout the whole USA that special services should not suffer all of the blame - the corruption goes top to bottom.

US politics is polite warfare in the United States.

Here the police will harass and punitively detain and maliciously charge people for being political actors against local politicians. Even worse, people have lost houses to magistrate court clerks sitting on appeals.


GeeBee 02.11.2013 19:27

So they are going to blame each other and the guilty one (once) are not going to be found at all. there is no one to blame. Let's forget about it and pretend nothing ever happened


sangye thubten 02.11.2013 00:14

Some people are always pointing fingers at others but they never ask themselves.
If honest Love and Compassion, terrorism will not surface; it is only "negative intentions" that attracts "negative elements" in life. You sow what you seeded.


sangye thubten 02.11.2013 00:02

I wouldn't buy a used car from this man. He speaks with what American indians would say, "with a fork tongue".


Ward Damon Hubbard 01.11.2013 21:49

None of this is surprising to me an American, our allies are no more or less surprised then us. Our government is out of control it is over run by this military industrial complex, ruling through fear and intimidation, I total disagree with it, it is NOT what we as a people indeed a nation is all about, our allies should be critical opposing the NSA and its actions, because when the day is done the present admin. signed off and approves of these actions


Avis71 01.11.2013 19:06

People get the government they deserve.
Why didn't Americans vote for Ron Paul. He is the only one who had a decent strategy, he would have cut the NSA budget and used it for true Democracy and Freedom for people.
The media were ignoring Mr. Paul but still...people must have seen something ? Even I noticed Ron Paul and started to become interested.
How could Americans vote for Bush.. Twice!!!
Why is Manning in Prison ?
Why is 80% of congress millionaire ?How does that represent the Americans ?
How is it possible the FDA and the FED have free reign to poison and impoverish Americans ?


mrlincoln01 01.11.2013 19:05

7/21/12 NSA Director Keith Alexander came to hacker gathering DefCon for the first time to recruit from the show's ranks.

LAS VEGAS (CNNMoney) -- Wearing a t-shirt and jeans, America's top spymaster -- National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander, also the head of the U.S. Cyber Command


j.innes 01.11.2013 16:33

Yo, King Alexander, we are over here on this Russian blog and you are saying to this guy "“That is a great question, in fact as an ambassador you have part of the answer. Because we the intelligence agencies don't come up with the requirements, the policymakers come up with the requirements,” Alexander said.

He added sarcastically: "One of those groups would have been, let me think, hold on, oh! - ambassadors."

Question is this improving our image abroad? All of this from your NSA programs, developed over time, and made visible from your massive data breach? You must have had a contingency for this?


Pete Wagner 01.11.2013 15:22

When you look up the phrase, "modern American diplomat", you see of picture of a creepy rich delusional zionist who lives by secrets, spying and illicit dealings.


Fat Lip 01.11.2013 14:41

feel free to contact me after shabbat about this in france, i can assure you they have stalked journalists in france from the usa, the french goverment did things crossing their own laws to certain people, the us cunsulates sent emails over and over saying un read to certain relatives of jounralists as well, stalking them with police, constant intimidation taking place


SuchN3SS 01.11.2013 14:40

Another articulation of the problem of which they are nearly endless. For solutions learn about the United Front Against Austerity, UFAA!!!


groingo 01.11.2013 13:57

Obama is now going to play pass the buck and try to offset and distract from his Criminal actions for which HE ALONE is responsible...all orders follow the chain of command and Obama is the one who gave and approved the orders either that or he is far more INCOMPETENT than anyone ever imagined.


Robert MacKay 01.11.2013 13:57

How funny, ALexander has been caught on audio recording specifically saying that he needed to wire tap everyone so we could sort out the details later. SO which is it, that he is a megalomaniac that sees all humans as targets or that he is just "doing his job" ?


Peter Jennings 01.11.2013 13:48

Accept the pathetic excuses of a bunch of bare-faced liars if you want. These people are always on the make and their paranoia and contempt borders on mental illness. The US admins have always been a worldwide joke. However it is getting beyond that now.

The US admin want, and think, they can rule the world. That is the biggest joke of all. I haven't stopped laughing since I learned that.


Thomas Gwynn 01.11.2013 13:36

@Kermit Frazier - The NSA provides services to intelligence agencies and to the Administration. It does not determine the targets. It's like the Captain of a warship. The Captain carries out orders he received from the Admiral. He does not decide whether or not to go to war or even what his targets are.


Uthyr Ghillie'laidir 01.11.2013 12:59

Le Ruscino 01.11.2013 11:00

T he sad fact is that intimidation is a very powerful weapon & one Obomber & his 4th Reich will use again & again until the electorate wake up & vote in some good guys.


LOL@ someone thinking there are "good guys" that are interested in public office.

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