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NSA telephone, Internet spying data shared with British Intelligence

07.06.2013 14:21

Data covertly collected by the US National Security Agency (NSA) from American telecom and Internet firms has been shared with its British counterpart, media reports revealed.

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Anonymous user 07.06.2013 23:37

Watch the movie 'Enemy of the State', Gene Hackman 1998. Did it foresee the future about NSA spying?


Junior R Webster 07.06.2013 22:30

this reaffirms that the constitutional and armbit of Govt has be subvert by a rogue Anglophile Elite

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 18:59

Hoax all your calls and e-mails
...., and wait what happend.
Spynetw orks need work !

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 18:51

If you got no friends you are a member of an exclusive group of people who may get through this shi#

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 18:06

What if you're too poor to have a phone and have no friends to call ?

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 17:59

How 'bout this? "Hey David're an idiot!" Now you don't have to get the info 2nd hand.

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 17:54

My cover's blown! Now William Hague knows I think he's a self-righteous, pompous, disingenuous A$$!

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 17:52

we are like party favours for these goons; passed around to all the oxymoronic intelligence agencies

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 17:41

FSB jealous :( that the US NSA preferred Mi6 over FSB.
FSB & FBI are brothers, but never friends

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 17:32

And with all this info, they have stopped what from happening? This isn't about anti-terrorism!!!

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