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NSA telephone, Internet spying data shared with British Intelligence

07.06.2013 14:21

Data covertly collected by the US National Security Agency (NSA) from American telecom and Internet firms has been shared with its British counterpart, media reports revealed.

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Anonymous user 08.06.2013 06:03

I'm British and we're all sitting hear listening in to your phone calls, USA. Comfortable with that?

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 05:13

Why pay for telephone and internet access? Ditch every spy conduit and starve the beast!

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 03:05

my all time fav is " spybook"

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 00:30

US is a mere colony of the Anglo-Irish Empire whose inspirational center is maternal Great Britain

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 00:04

...the Buddhists 'Mirror' effect - the voyeurs are ultimately spying on themselves. Home goal.

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 00:01

...i feel so much closer to god now i know my every move is being watched. Hooray for peep shows!

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 23:47

Biggest lie ever. Of course they eavesdrop. It's their job to do it and deny it.

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 23:45

Government is paranoid of it's own citizens. Only an a-hole would work for them

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 23:40

NSA wire taps to find out who knows the governments dirty secrets and prevents it release to public

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 23:38

NSA operates today to locate whistleblowers and kill them.

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