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NSA telephone, Internet spying data shared with British Intelligence

07.06.2013 14:21

Data covertly collected by the US National Security Agency (NSA) from American telecom and Internet firms has been shared with its British counterpart, media reports revealed.

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Anonymous user 20.06.2013 23:38

All social networks LIE. NSA thwarted only US 10 plots? Rather, is to stop Americans from revolting!

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 00:26

@ oobuc5. Please explain the red dots at the text box. Thanks !

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 10:46

Why do my phones and computer all keep going onto divert ?

Anonymous user 09.06.2013 20:20

Jones and Icke are reptilian. Jones is also CIA.

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 14:13

Are we surprised? US has the biggest surveillance op in Europe on a huge site near Ripon, Yorkshire.

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 13:52

David Icke was right!

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 13:39

The City of London has been the prime mover of foreign policy for well over a hundred years.

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 11:24

God bless Queen, her crusaders and her vast empire.

Pay your tributes to the Empire and its people.

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 11:21

That's pretty much in line what rest of Anglo-Irish Canada, Australia, NZ and etc colonies are doing

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 11:19

The British colonial outpost NSA reports data to motherland GCHQ...nothing wrong here either

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 11:16

British Empire from whom their USA colony gets their inspirational directions...nothing wrong there

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 08:13

information retention =google ebay face book twitter ect
all = government !

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 06:17

Queen's FOOT PRINTS r all over. Now you decide how independent r you. Brit are by default ANTI-PEACE

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