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NSA masqueraded as Google to spy on web users - report

13.09.2013 05:08

The NSA used ‘man in the middle’ hack attacks to impersonate Google and fool web users, leaks have revealed. The technique circumvents encryption by redirecting users to a copycat site which relays all the data entered to NSA data banks.

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R 16.12.2013 02:11

How can you trust the security of any computer transfer of any data from here on in!
I think they are very afraid of the people finally finding out how corrupt the gov's really are, and the people using the internet to organize against them, therefore they must spy on everyone to be able to intervene any organized plan to overthrow the corrupt people in govt.


Rocky Racoon 17.09.2013 06:04

I wonder if the NSA knocked out Blackberry and sent company stock into a tailspin as they had their own thinks this is not to far fetched a notion.


Live on your knees or die fighting 14.09.2013 09:23

People know their devices are hacked and have spyware put on them - it is easy to see the windows opening briefly and they also interfere with WiFi - the likes of Google and Yahoo have the most to lose whilst the spying and arming of terrorists makes the whole conspiracy theory questions at the forefront of peoples minds.

We have jobs, homes and families we are not criminals or terrorists why these organisations use laws designed to protect us to then spy on us is the cause of so much distrust - there is somehting to hide or else this would not happen - when there is no truth people start asking thier own questions.


漢陰陽 14.09.2013 07:21

Marissa, the CEO of Yahoo, is a liar and a traitor to humanity. No wonder that China shut down its Yahoo portal.


malcarada 14.09.2013 07:01

This is just another reason not to use Google any more.


Shaleen Shah 14.09.2013 03:59

You know what's funny? I'm not surprised at all with this news. There must be some backdoor somewhere and if you really want to keep your data private, you better do it like the old times or better yet, put things down on a stone tablet.


Rolando Lujan 14.09.2013 02:18

It's only a matter of time before they make their first move. then the people of this nation, will make ours.


Commander 14.09.2013 02:03

More proof that Washington cannot be trusted. Can you just imagine what crimes are being committed that we do not know about?


SSD7 14.09.2013 01:41

Quote: "Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, claimed that speaking out about the NSA’s activities would have amounted to ‘treason’ at a press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday." - - -These companies could have refused. My email co., Xmission, did not worry about displeasing the US govt. It simply stuck to the law, and refused to hand over any private email info without a judges’ warrant.


Eduardo Casas 13.09.2013 23:55

instead of USA Today its NSA Today :)


mijj 13.09.2013 23:01

> "NSA masqueraded as Google to spy on web users"

.. ahem .. that should be present tense. This is ongoing, not something that occurred in the past.


Lahcen Oizaz 13.09.2013 21:27

In order to be successful in business you must comply with the powerful. No big enterprise of any branch is excluded. Even the big humanitarian organizations for aide, human rights, development, news and so on. That is the reason for the lack of real resistance to all the injustice in the world. We need a new way of thinking and working to overcome all those obstacles instantly for the good of all.


Lou Thomas 13.09.2013 21:25

The NSA is a lynchpin of U.S. unilateralism. Now other poles of power, including Russia and China, are emerging, and the ability of the NSA to spy upon and potentially blackmail others is being challenged. The greater openness attained by innovative leak-based journalists has aided in this process. This is healthy and will lead to a more stable international environment if we can get past this initial transition which is very dangerous as the U.S. adjusts to its diminished role as one among several great powers, and hopefully starts to repair its infrastructure and build more useful products again instead of bombs.


SSD7 13.09.2013 20:57

The USA is digging its own grave. After a G-8 conference in Germany, Snowden revealed all 8 nations had been spied on by USA. Russia then announced that is will "no longer use other nations' wireless equipment and servers." In the near future, Russia might be selling other nations it's own cell phones, email systems, its own computer "windows," etc. Implications are that most nations who get threatened by the USA will switch to Russian wireless tech. USA will have nobody left to spy on, except itself, plus the USA economy will be further impacted.


Jim Morris 13.09.2013 20:10

Sorry, told the text was too long and left one word on the end. cont: This is why they (Google and other ISP's) pay the Execs. so much, not to be good at what their job title is, but to be a master manipulators.


Jim Morris 13.09.2013 20:08

I laugh at the statements written by two Google Representatives. Especially the one regarding the lawsuit filed with the FISA Court. It will never happen. Why? Because if that lawsuit were won that would set a precedent for future cases (and may be retroactive), which in effect would make the secret courts not so secret. I have to say that the letters themselves are brilliant. By writing these letters, they are showing (or trying to) their respect of their customer's privacy, knowing full well that they safe in that it ( information granted in the discovery) will never happen. manipulators.


R W 13.09.2013 19:53

NSA - Keeping me safe. lol


Adam Bajerski 13.09.2013 19:23

Wait so if the NSA used the trademarked google name for it's own purposes didn't they just break the international, and national trademark laws? Doesn't that give them the means to fight the government?

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