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NSA bulk spying may see termination of EU-US agreements – MEP resolution

13.03.2014 08:12

The EU threatens the abolition of its trade agreement with the US, and other deals, if blanket surveillance by the NSA on EU citizens doesn’t stop. MEPs announced a resolution that wraps up a six-month inquiry into America’s violation of data privacy.

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Owen Roberts 11.07.2014 12:48

Many of RT's headlines should have 'Russia wishes,' at the start. Then carry on as normal.

Quite hyperbolic to say the least.

Things settle, they always settle. The wheels are turning in a set direction; there's no spanner big enough to halt it. Except maybe (big maybe) China.


Michael Proctor 14.03.2014 09:56

"The non-binding resolution..." Yes, yes.. meaningless rhetoric by a communist-lead regime pretending to care about the rights of citizens. I certainly agree with it but the EU is just a US lapdog. They bark when told to. Sorry but I don't believe anything any more. I don't even know if this has taken place at all, I'm just reading it in the media.


Blam! 14.03.2014 09:22

Phone tapping and abuse of personal data are the least of our worries. What happens when the sham of American gold reserves is exposed? Germany was just sent a percentage of what they asked for and an adulterated percentage at that. Ukrainian gold reserves were airlifted out last Friday, courtesy of the current rentamob. Will these reserves end up in German hands, in lieu of their own gold?


fran7 14.03.2014 07:34

Snowden is a hero who has revealed aggressive USA governments foreign policy by spying on everyone and backing anarchists all over the World. Russia is our near and true neighbour and we in Europe should strengthen out ties to our mutual benefit and not recognise the illegal regime in the Ukraine who have used extreme violence by killing people including unarmed policemen in Kiev.


Ed Camilo 14.03.2014 02:04

Because the NSA already has so much information on everyone on earth and continues to gather even more with no restrainment whatsoever, I propose that businesses and utility companies no longer be allowed to demand identification from clients. I'd go as far as demanding free services and necessary goods.and make it illegal to ask anyone other than government employees for identification. I'd even go as far as dismantling all governments that have spied on its citizens. I'd also demand compensation from companies that sell individuals data to anyone.


Yuri Ivanovich 14.03.2014 00:44

If the EU was smart they would cut all ties with the US. But their not that smart......


joshua jackson 14.03.2014 00:40

How do you scale back any of this? Just getting out of agreements? Only way this gets curtailed now is if the earth is hit with something that frys ALL eletronics, and takes the satallites out of the sky. The ole adage ... cat out of the box. And this fits alot of questions. Like how is the american people going to get rid of the goverment that speaks with a forked tounge and dosnt put things to a vote of the people and just makes laws and policys depremental to the people. Spying, same thing.


Neo-Classical Liberal 13.03.2014 21:58

NSA needs to scale back their spam. Every story about NSA gets x5 the spam comments of others.


Neo-Classical Liberal 13.03.2014 21:55

I finally figured it out.

Ukrain e. Why would the US mismanage the situation so badly?

With the coup, they've handed Crimea to Russia, and they're handing more huge financial problems to Europe with the backward, fascistic western Ukraine.

So again, why?

Well ... to prevent Europe from getting too footloose and fancy free over the NSA thing. A scared, broken European ally is better than no European ally at all.


Chris Riley 13.03.2014 21:18

stick your hands to far into the cookie jar (USA) you find cockroaches.


Rodney 13.03.2014 20:55

Amerika cannot compete in this world with out cheating spying fraud or making laws that favour only american corporations.
Bunch of land barons, the same mentality, like a load of cheap dodgy second hand car salesmen in expensive suits.


George Edwards 13.03.2014 18:56

Don't forget those software platforms purportedly utilized now for national security were originally designed to gain economic advantages. Large marketing firms deployed these data gathering autonomous algorithmic systems to extract consumer surplus. On that note, it is not so implausible that such data 'extraction' has been expanded to encompass global, industrial output data as well as production methodologies. Additionally, the marginal advantages in trade agreements would in turn become absolute advantages for such nation-states employing these systems. That could be described as supply side economics on steroids!


Metarch 13.03.2014 18:36

"The EU threatens the abolition of its trade agreement with the US, and other deals, if blanket surveillance by the NSA on EU citizens doesn’t stop."

They are so scared now about "Russian invasion" and all related histeria they'll do anything to cooperate with NSA, CIA and other A's of US right now. ;-))

So there would be no "the abolition of its trade agreement with the US" in close future...

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