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NSA spy scandal may scuttle EU-US anti-terrorist agreement – EU commissioner

25.09.2013 08:40

The European Union is threatening to suspend a data-sharing deal with the United States that is designed to track terrorist bank funding. However, there are suspicions the National Security Agency was stealing financial data from EU citizens.

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Lidiq Ivanova 29.09.2013 16:46

You are talking about spy gadgets like these


Hanonymouse 26.09.2013 02:33

Of course they're looking at your bank data. We still have terrorists that are well funded, so obviously these are NOT the NSA's priority.


Commander 26.09.2013 00:39

As the American Empire weakens, the United States becomes more and more isolated. Washington simply cannot be trusted. Even America's long time friends are becoming suspicious.

This is yet another sign of the falling of the American Empire.


j.innes 26.09.2013 00:02

There must be an explanation of how the transfer of wealth from the masses to the financial elites occurred because in fact it was not the smartest or the people who created the most or worked the hardest that have ended up with the transfer but the ones who did sure look like they were using asymmetrical knowledge acquired by some means to stack a whole bunch of stuff against the masses. In addition all the back doors they created for themselves must have been exploited by others. For everyone that brings it out to the public think how many do it for the money or political advantage. The footprints are everywhere.


kc 25.09.2013 23:37

The world should not trust US since US does not trust anyone. This is the work of the fascist minority in US.


Alan 25.09.2013 23:18

What has already been billed as "America's Worst Nightrmare" has still yet to come to light with Edward Snowden's revelations. He is biding his time and simply settling in. What he has revealed already, will seem like nothing; compared to what is awaiting us. When the right moment comes, the entire world will be aghast as details emerge about a particular September morning in New York. Rumours will suddenly not be stifled anymore; the genie will finally be let out of the bottle good and proper, and the word 'lie' will gain a totally NEW evil dimension as never before seen on this now God-ignorant, floundering world!


Elma Riachi 25.09.2013 21:38

What we need is a new internet that excludes the US.


Cin 25.09.2013 20:18

People are starting to not trust financial institutions, and for good reason.


Leger des Stijl 25.09.2013 20:00

lmao, eu is us is nwo is banking cartel. just like merkel being angry at prism, then one week later its revealed she and her gov't were in on it. isnt that just totally freakin out there?
history will know us as the knowing and able generation who was to scared and lazy to get off the couch en change our future.

im an 80's baby, imagine my reality, i have never experienced a world of sovereignty, only america knows and pays best.


Lahcen Oizaz 25.09.2013 19:55

“Britain, for example, which played a large part in the NSA surveillance work, would be able to veto any legislation that moved to punish the United States over the scandal. “ This is not new Britain has always played the role of the fifth column helping the enemy from within. No major substantial meaningful reforms are possible with Britain having veto power.


Jason Buck 25.09.2013 18:48

Lol, this may be what the EU Commission wants but you can bet that most of the EU states will ignore them.


Kevin Alfred Strom 25.09.2013 17:47

It has now reached the point where MOST of the Washington regime's actions are in violation of its own laws, its constitution, international law, and / or simple basic morality. All fifty states should secede from the union, and no one should support the DC regime in any way.


Pan_a_sonic 25.09.2013 16:35

Europe is nothing more than a whipping boy for America. Think about it, the Federal Reserve is printing America to propserity, and the Dollar is looking good at the moment; on the flip-side, Europe is looking like poor the cousin with austerity, and seriously like Germany can support over a billion people in the Eurozone. Beside the Europeans can't get to uppity, as the backbone of NATO is America, so if America want to steal Europe's secrets they can.


Dave Krueger 25.09.2013 16:30

It is inevitable that any data collected by intelligence agencies will eventually be used and probably abused, if it isn't already. To think otherwise is delusional. Since the U.S. government has already been caught lying about the extent to which it spies on people, its denials of abuse are meaningless.

It would be a mistake for anyone to think that this is not true of other countries. All governments lie, which is precidely why all governments should be forced by their citizens to do as much business as possible in the open. Unfortunately, the trend is just the opposite.

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