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India among NSA’s favorite surveillance targets, latest Snowden disclosure reveals

25.09.2013 03:52

The US National Security Agency regularly collected information and intercepted communication in India despite the friendly relationship between the two nations, according to newly disclosed documents by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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Roxy Chick 31.10.2013 10:06

Ali 25.09.2013 05:10

India should realize now who is using him against China and Pakistan.


I am with you on this, India needs to wake up and bring in Pakistan as its friend/alli against the usa/west. These two share everything except religion so why don't the governments settle the issues the way China/India have done recently that way nobody can divide and rule instead Pak/Indo can unite and dominate the west!


Roxy Chick 31.10.2013 10:03

India needs to start standing up and starting to sort out its corruption before the usa starts to treat it like uk being its own a-r-s-e wipe! Come on India you can do wonders with 1.3 billion people HOW can you be THIS stupid??? Sort yourselves out NOW!!!!


K K Singh 04.10.2013 14:54

Indian Minister of External Affairs Salman Khurshid said shortly after the visit. “He made a very clear explanation that no content has been sought or received of any email…So, I think as far as we are concerned, there is no issue today.”
Disgraceful Indian rulers and opposition!


Vi Pin 25.09.2013 22:49

this means US will have proof against all the corrupt politicians, in India which means all politicians, so america does not need to bribe indian politicians but can simply blackmail them for one wonders who is controllinng India the corrupt Indian politicians or their american bosses.


desertstorm 25.09.2013 12:54

India is a poor country which cannot protect its peoples privacy ,neithre can it complain to big countries like US because of being so poor.


Indiamining 25.09.2013 12:23

Firstly it says spying within India - not necessarily on India. There are enough terrorists active in India (as we have seen in the numerous attacks) that it is understandable.

Secondly, no one is that naive to believe that US would not snoop on India. It is absolutely understandable.

thirdly, as far as Indian govt is concerned, it cant shut its mouth on undercover activities of its army and IB in any case. i wonder why did NSA waste their time and money on high tech snooping. Indian govt is like a see through glass.....


Guru 25.09.2013 10:44

I think it was Pik Botha, former South African foreign minister for 25 years who said: "Friendship with US is kiss of death. They never attack enemies, friends only."
It says it all.


Alleezae 25.09.2013 08:28

A sore truth! India friend with a country who is snooping. Big friend turned to be an espionage. In a way of MFN status, India is MFN for NSA. Military Modernization can’t prevent external forces to get through data of Indians. US is so much interested to gather the data of its most friendly state. The major reason is that our country is Pakistan focused all the time and viewed Pakistan as the only foe. This is an open revelation that one’s ally can also become your concealed enemy.


Igor Dano 25.09.2013 07:48

its the task of spy agency and of the police to spy and to police......
who expects anything different, he is a moron.
The legislation will cover just the top 1%, not the population.

I have the impression, that Snowden is a CIA agent, who has to push NSA, not obeying CIA instructions, into a corner and bring CIA more money&autonomy on the sigint.


Mark Stoltz 25.09.2013 07:47

@kc 25.09.2013 07:29

The documents being leaked has been given to the press before Snowden ended up in Russia, therefore Putin's request can't stop the leaks.


kc 25.09.2013 07:29

It is fantastic that Snowden is still working hard exposing the fascist minority in US.


Cat 25.09.2013 07:22

Hey! What's all the fuss? I don't mind the NSA spying on all of us. What bothers me are the generous ( ludacris ) salaries most of them make. I read somewhere that Snowden was making $122,000 a year!!! Thank you American taxpayer for being so generous. I can't help but wonder how much of that he actually earned. Sounds like a gravy train job to me. I wonder how many jobs at the NSA are gravy train jobs? Just my opinion.


groingo 25.09.2013 06:32

The West and US have proven the old saying..."Power Corrupts,Ultimate Power Corrupts Ultimately".


Ali 25.09.2013 05:10

India should realize now who is using him against China and Pakistan.


Carlos Gomez 25.09.2013 04:30

Its so shameful, and what I simply cannot fathom is, WHY are they STILL allowed to do it ? Isn't there some U.N. code of ethic's or the Hague responsible to slap a country's hand when tactics such as this are deployed ???? Serious BREACH of trust.


Carlos Gomez 25.09.2013 04:26

It gets worse, much worse. Anyone care to wager on this ?

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