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‘I’d tap that!’: NSA Pick Up Lines campaign creates Twitter storm

25.08.2013 13:27

“Roses are red, violets are blue, your pin number 6852,” read a tweet on the site as “NSA pickup lines” trended worldwide on Sunday. Posts sarcastically referenced NSA intrusions as they envisaged how the agency might flirt with an unsuspecting user.

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Robert Griffis 26.08.2013 18:33

Yet another reason not to trust the NSA, and increase Congressional oversight over them. God bless Edward Snowden for getting all this NSA inspection started!


Zina Antoaneta 26.08.2013 08:24

Someone in the known told me that Hotel California was NSA's secret anthem. Just listen to it carefully...:)


Kyleen Jiannine 25.08.2013 19:25

The first time I've laughed OUT LOUD in days............the MIB have no sense of humor so it'll go WOOOSH right over their heads or is their hats. ??


Shezhevinyesky 25.08.2013 18:06

..............Wow. So now they are shamelessly laughing at everyone because of all the info they gather from spying on us. I think WWIII would do some good in an effort to tear the US down so it can start over again.

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