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Russia among countries atop NSA surveillance priority list

11.08.2013 05:50

Russia, alongside the EU, China and Iran, are on top of the NSA’s spying priority list, according to a document leaked by fugitive Edward Snowden and published by Der Spiegel weekly.

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Bruce Fisher 12.08.2013 11:09

Sounds like a "controlled&quo t; document release.


Gnollrunner 12.08.2013 04:49

Stiv 12.08.2013 02:17

Of course they would monitor Russia! It is the most corrupt dictatorship among all third world countries.


Nonsense! First off Putin was elected with a much higher percentage than Obama so how you can call Russia a Dictatorship is beyond me. While Russia may have some level of corruption in the USA it's written wright into the law. Once I had to pay $35K taxes on money I never earned because of Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) law. In essences it forces you to pay Taxes on temporary paper gains. One family owed over a million dollars taxes on worthless stock options.


George Edwards 12.08.2013 03:40

It is important to remember the software platforms were originally designed to collect market data for economic purposes i.e. absolute extraction of consumer surplus. The strategic application now has broader scope but essentially remains to be an extremely effective and efficient artificially intelligent analytical weapon. America is nothing more than a superculture of value exchange and control of global economic space is the primary objective. Russia is the only boundary layer between a cohesively controlled international market and a more exclusively Western dominated proxy free market.


Peter Knopfler 12.08.2013 01:58

YES anyone over 60 yrs old and kept his mind on current events Knows that the NSA was and is to Monitor, observe and Predict RUSSIA. And since President Putin Came through the Ranks of KGB, the CIA had to plant one of their own Starting with Old Man BUSH.REMEMBER ATOM BOMB. Cold WARR just a name, never stopped or re- set,all that is window dressing, special effects.Obama,Black face & Voice but white Kansas Mind like his mother& Grandparents who raised Obama.Seems no one gives credit to white people who raised OBAMA.Perfect CIA Know history surprises,Why meet and debate with USA when they Know everything already.


Murray Bernie 12.08.2013 01:22

the EU is nothing more than an extension off the USA, it might as well fly the USA flag. It houses US forces, air bases, missiles, rendition centres etc. All the EU Countries are now inextricably linked to the USA and the dollar. All their economies, technological advances are constantly undermined or stolen by constant spying from the USA yet their governments are to spineless to do anything about it.In the UK the media is not even allowed to talk about spying they are served with D Notices, that is democracy for you.


Alan 11.08.2013 23:20

The top country on the NSA surveillance list is and always has been the USA. Info on everyone must be gathered so that anyone going against the NWO secret government can easily be bribed, blackmailed, threatened or assassinated as needed. This is especially true for military,banking,bus iness,Congress members and any of the various agency workers.


Fi 11.08.2013 22:32

And they accuse China of stealing their technology? I wouldnt be so sure about that now.


Hona O Denise 11.08.2013 20:49

Big turn around for Russia, congratulations Russia. As for America, they are the new humanist power on the loose.


Lingam 11.08.2013 18:14

Given that the the RT blog robocop is blocking postings that use any word from a long list of 'objectionable' lingo, how are we to take this article seriously?

E.g. You can't even use a popular synonym for 'cat' (pu__y), w/o getting flaggend. What a bunch of 'cats' they've become.


Mohamed Al Hashimi 11.08.2013 17:24

Russia and China can establish one strong department compare to NSA to protect National Security of Old Soviet alliances or countries especially Kazakhstan

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