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'Join fight for privacy now!' Stallman on Snowden & how to escape surveillance

15.07.2013 19:08

The time to join the battle for privacy is now, because whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange can’t fight against Big Brother on their own, software freedom activist and founder of the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman, told RT.

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Anonymous user 24.07.2013 06:58

anonymous commenting would be nice for my cathartic purposes as well, without char limits too.

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 05:28

Good for you Mr Stallman in helping to expose US government PRISM and its contempt for constitution.

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 20:01

As a concern U.S. citizen I am searching for a 3rd party candidate who will serve the 99% not the 1%

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 14:40

We need a class action suit against Facebook, until the price of their stock is zero.

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 09:24

Does giving back just one state to it's rightful Indian owners also fit into his image of justice?

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 09:22

Stallman is one of the colonialists that killed of an entire race. That's his idea of justice.

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 03:45

The members of the Secret Congress are to blame for all the spying.


TeXhunter 17.07.2013 22:55

I would think a privacy enhanced alternative to FB would cause people to leave FB by the droves.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 13:32

If Americans feel NSA violated them,imagine other nations without a constitution to make them behave

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 02:45

Ishmeal...that a great book. Really opened my eyes.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 02:39

Oh man I read those books. I grow my own food. If we don't live off em they WILL loose power!!

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 02:34

The celestine prophecy by james redfeild. Ishmeal by daniel quinn. They can save us.

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 23:25

Everyone needs to hack and leak documents now, while we have the momentum!!

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 22:27

FaceBook is just a completely stupid way of 'feeling important' for farting, burping, and liking TV.

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 15:50

almost 5 years ago facebook revealed they cooperate with authorities. WHY is this a surprise NOW?


Rich Tygart 16.07.2013 15:43

Apperantly,most people have forgotten that shortly after 911 the NSA warned the U.S. that Amdocs in Israel was aggressively spying on America.Now in 2013 the 2 main conpanies working with the NSA/PRISM are Israeli.Something must've happened since 911.The Israelis must've got the upper hand on the NSA.It really does show the Zionist power in the U.S. Today,the NSA is being torn apart but as usual Israel is walking around whistling,acting like nothings happening.This is all based of Israeli Zionism and its strangle hold on America.I mean,how many Russians really know that the Bolshvik revolution was Zionist?

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