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‘Aggressive and insidious’: More details of Canada spying techniques to follow, Greenwald promises

08.10.2013 21:32

Canada is in the spotlight of an ongoing spying scandal as Glenn Greenwald has promised to disclose more details of the espionage of the Five Eyes global intelligence alliance that has already sparked unprecedented fury in Brazil.

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Dion Trujillo-Vigil 21.10.2013 14:22

Everyone is getting watched...even you.


Darren Rogers 16.10.2013 07:57

Time for Der Fuhrer Harper to retire. We could get better leadership from a lobster. You were put in the Office to represent Canadians not hide Nanny State legislation in the back of a budget to try to remove our rights. Fix our F'n roads Stephen!!! You try to hide your connections to the Senate scandal but you can't even hide the staged photo-op of you and your wife in Calgary after the flood. Canada has to come out of it's trance and make our politicians represent US not some "Party Line" (that does sound slightly 1930's German) Vote for an Independant in 2015 and we might get a REAL voice in Ottawa.


Davis-Guess Wendy 15.10.2013 09:41

Mark Roman 09.10.2013 12:36

Glenn Greenwald is now on a crusade to expose any nation that has ever spied. Eventually, he will get to Russia. When he does, all those who have been posting here that he is a 'hero', will be calling for his arrest.


It would appear that information was given the first 24 hours.


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:24

PHARMA had insisted that thimerosal which is 49.6% mercury be allowed.Corruption is forced on the world by US leaders like Hillary Clinton. Reverend Lisa K Sykes is a minister in the Methodist Church has organized 11 million members to support CoMeD in their mission to protect children from these contaminated vaccines and the zombie curse of autism.


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:23

Reverend Lisa K Sykes has become a legend as a mother and President of CoMeD for spearheading the NGO fight at the UNEP INC1-INC5 meetings
over the last four years. She testified before all 150 nations telling the story of her son (Sacred Spark) and was successful in getting a treaty to ban mercury in vaccines, drugs, amalgam, and medicines. US State Department under direction of Hillary Clinton intervened after the last INC5 (Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee 5) in Geneva, Switzerland January 2013 and forced the final treaty document to exclude vaccines from being included in the treaty.


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:21

However when an environmental trigger is produced from a contaminated vaccine the immune system is disrupted and blocks organs from excreting mercury and inhibits production of glutathione and metallothionein. This increases the flow of mercury in brain and CNS >75ppb exceeding the threshold level that may trigger autism.


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:20

Glutathione and Metallothionein are the body's natural defenses against heavy metals. Glutathione is present in every cell of body and protects brain from heavy metals during the normal daily flow of <25ppb mercury through brain. Metallothionein protects the gut which is 70% of body's immune system from heavy metals.


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:19

BARDA is administered under HHS and has developed an insect based (FluBlok) vaccine manufacturing process. DARPA is administered under the defense department and has developed a tobacco plant based vaccine manufacturing process. Both the insect based vaccine and tobacco plant based vaccines should be safe because the vaccines have NO mercury, NO aluminum, NO msg, NO formaldehyde, NO preservatives, and NO residual DNA fragments that cause Insertional Mutagenesis disease epidemics.


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:18

The US government was faced with a catastrophic event and started 2 crash programs through BARDA and DARPA. The purpose was to change the vaccine manufacturing process from animal cell lines to insect cell lines or plant cell lines, any process that would stop the autoimmune disease epidemics and Insertional Mutagenesis caused ASD epidemics.


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:17

Dr Deisher has tracked AD from 1970 through 2012 and found that AD (by birth year) has increased 20 AD per 10,000 population per year. The largest AD
changepoint increase was in 1995 caused by the varivax vaccine which has the highest contamination of residual DNA fragments 2 mcg which caused 3200 AD
diagnosed cases per 450,000 vaccine doses. This changed the AD slope from 20 AD per 10,000 population per year to 30 AD per 10,000 population per year. Thus in 10 years the present 2% of population afflicted with regressive autism could become >4% which is approaching the Zombie Apocalypse state.


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:12

Congress held a hearing on autism November 29th 2012. The Congressional O&GR hearing chaired by Representative Darrell Issa exposed the coverup by CDC of the autism epidemic. CDC prevented scientists from researching disease using VSD or FOIA law from publishing studies by contracting healthcare AHIP (America's Health Insurance Plans) CEO and lobbyist Karen Ignagni to operate and maintain the VSD for $195 million (Sep 2002 - Sep 2012) with the stipulation that if any independent researcher were allowed access to VSD then AHIP would not be paid


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:12

Dr Theresa A Deisher PhD has researched all vaccines manufactured since 1979 and statistically proven that there were 3 AD changepoints (1981, 1988, 1995) when a significant AD increase occurred. The changepoints are well documented in Dr Deisher's published study titled "AD CPs and Environmental Triggers".


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:08

This vaccine manufacturing change in 1979 introduced the threat of autoimmune disease epidemics like Crohn's IBD and autism and chronic illnesses like asthma, ADD, ADHD, APD, ASD that show up in the public schools as neurodevelopmental disorders disrupting the public schools and creating a financial burden on parents and public schools. The CDC has documented a dramatic increase in 100 .autoimmune diseases in past 3 decades that includes Crohn's IBD which is associated with regressive AD (Autism Disorder).


William Hewitt 11.10.2013 06:00

The key points are to stop the autism epidemic and autoimmune disease epidemics that have ravaged America since 1979 which dates the last vaccine manufacturing change that was made secretly by PHARMA and approved by CDC. The HHS and CDC denied there was a vaccine manufacturing change in 1979 from animal cell lines to aborted human fetal cell lines to public and Congress until 2009 (30 years later) and no safety tests were allowed before the vaccine change and after the change.


Kingy 10.10.2013 19:50

PS : Craig Hill, Seems like they have decided on " TOTALL CONTROL"....HA- HAH !!!...:)


Kingy 10.10.2013 19:38

[quote name='Craig Hill' time='09.10.2013 21:30']This Canadian stupidity, of working with the NSA instead of undermining the NSA, which is what Canada SHOULD have been doing, is fabulously good news for freedom FROM Canadian and US tyranny:

@Craig Hill.. You seem to forget the history of the USA, we broke free from Europe in the beginning. Canada like the USA,was always ruled by European Banks...go figure?

The world gets smaller by the second, they will either go for " TOTAL CONTROL" or "FIND A PLACE TO HIDE". ALL AMERICANS KNOW THIS!


Kingy, NY


Kingy 10.10.2013 19:16

@Ingvar Persson, Agreed my Russian friend ! Very on-point !
The citizens here,like where you live have lost most freedoms. Russia...Now more free than USA !. The citizens in USA have NOTHING against Russian people. NEVER HAVE, but the "RULERS" use the USA to " Impose their will on the people". My own friends adopted Russian children! NEVER!! trust what the leaders tell you.....THE WORLD IS GETTING SMALLER FAST, these "RULERS".. ..are looking for places to HIDE !!


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