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Snowden released up to 200,000 documents to press – NSA chief

15.11.2013 05:02

Former CIA employee Edward Snowden divulged as many as 200,000 classified documents to the press, says NSA Director General Keith Alexander. The spy chief said the data was leaked in such a way that it did the “maximum damage” to the NSA and the USA.

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Michael Chelotti 03.01.2014 18:56

The Internet emphasizes the depth of our
ignorance because "our knowledge can only be finite, while our ignorance must
necessarily be infinite." -anonymous


George Edwards 18.11.2013 02:23

I believe the idea that we can somehow enforce original American values such as freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and consentual representative government is somewhat fantastic. If US citizens can no longer place full faith and trust in our elected administration and reciprically, if the populace holds no redeeming value in the eye of government then the Union of States no longer stands legitimate. This nation is the people and the people are the nation, indisputably!


Lee Schuler 17.11.2013 22:31

Impen Etrable 16.11.2013 22:10

Thank you Snowden! We need more people like you.


Stay in Russia, Edward. Marry a nice Russian girl and have a family. For now, forget the US, at least until after 2016. Then we'll see.


Torcularis 17.11.2013 04:04

The NSA director here sounds a little jealous. I bet he wishes he could cause the widespread reaction Snowden did. Too bad he's fighting for the losing side.

U mad, Alexander?


george daly 17.11.2013 03:54

The CIA/NSA etc. are 100% transparent, they have nothing to hide.
They are great Americans and would never do anything that would bring shame on themselves their mother their Country or the American people,
who they serve and protect! Honourable people each and every one..
their deeds are above reproach, fine Christians.
You and your children can trust them with your life.
OMG, I feel like I want to write a country song. ;)


Impen Etrable 16.11.2013 22:10

Thank you Snowden! We need more people like you.

Now you can do something to get a future with better security and increased privacy at this initiative:


Jerome Jerome 16.11.2013 13:46

And that's a wonderful thing.

Thank you Mr Snowden !!

We all have a duty to expose politicians and their officers who do illegal things against their citizens.

I hold the firm believe that the NSA & GCHQ have a folder of many left-leaning politicians. Because, they want to preserve, at all costs, right wing political systems. They have a built-in fear, generated by right wing Corporate White House nutters, of left wing politicians hence the media is called upon, from time to time, to character assassinate.

I believe the NSA & GCHQ have much more, on these matters, in their illegal files.


Davis-Guess Wendy 16.11.2013 07:20


“No tyranny is more cruel than that which is practiced in the shadow of the law and with the trappings of justice: that is, one would drown the unfortunate by the very plank by which he would hope to be saved.”


Al Comfort 16.11.2013 03:54

Dominic blais- as a nam vet i say ,they lie... you nailed it .an dito, what you said.


Ed Camilo 16.11.2013 03:11

The (US) spy chief said' the data was leaked in such a way that it did the “maximum damage” to the NSA and the USA'. This very statement add credence to fact that the NSA is a state within a state. The US government is being run from the shadows. Democratic and civilian rule in the US is just a myth.


Nedzad Besic 16.11.2013 03:00

Dear General, he did damage to NSA, but do not mix NSA and our nation. NSA is on payroll of industrial-military complex. Not to protect our nation.


JOHN 16.11.2013 02:03

Whatever the rights or wrongs of this Snowden should have went through his Congressman or Senator first or tried U.S Media as many had done before in past.Yes he was right in doing what he did and it should have been put in public domain .He has been naive in not doing a book deal or selling his story to a newspaper no wonder Guardian or others feel they have got something for nothing for this scoop.His use & admission that he got access to these secrets by engaging his co -workers over 20 of them to hand over passwords to get this data and drop them in it is going to tarnish his PR image now

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