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Snowden released up to 200,000 documents to press – NSA chief

15.11.2013 05:02

Former CIA employee Edward Snowden divulged as many as 200,000 classified documents to the press, says NSA Director General Keith Alexander. The spy chief said the data was leaked in such a way that it did the “maximum damage” to the NSA and the USA.

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M Atlantis 16.11.2013 01:08

Correction: "Worst security leak in history" should be changed to "Largest security leak in history"....... and it continues. After that, add-in " Due to the worst breach of constitutional rights in history"


Phillip Marx 16.11.2013 00:24

Please, do not believe the lies of the U.S. government. It is now nothing but a criminal enterprise that does not reflect the will, nor serve the interests of, the American people. Edward Snowden is a hero for what he has done.

While I am sure the Russian government has their own motives, I still thank them and the Russian people for anything they may be doing to support Snowden.


Zeitgeisttt 16.11.2013 00:13

For a better world all the NSA documents should be revealed to the public


Randy Guthrie 15.11.2013 20:27

Snowden is a plant. The CIA is returning the favor for Yuri Nosenko and Vitaly Yurchenko.


Jacob Shkreli 15.11.2013 16:19

Here's the Bigger Problem Know one is to blame yet , No actions taken to the people that Violated our Basic Human Rights! Don't forget you law makers also have family that have to live in the same fear your distilling in us! What about them Your Family ???????? So what has become a Place of Family values is Do for your self and forget the next guy! I can't wait to see the hammer come down and head to roll for this!


Marc Letourneau 15.11.2013 15:50

Do you know why america needs to fall? Because sometimes one has to touch the bottom of the pool to spring back up and swim free again. Right now america is drowning. The banking system has put heavy weights to its feet. The military industrial complex and other corporation linked to some shadow bankers behind the federal reserve have put a metallic armor on it. It is sinking... The solution is to go to the bottom, removed all this stupid armor and weights and push hard back up. Otherwise, we, the people will still think we need badly these weights and armor by a poisonous tradition started by corrupted politicians.


Daryl Pullen 15.11.2013 15:33

We didn't do anything even though our released documents prove that we did, and if we did release anything it was good for them....but we didn't.
This gentleman is a 2nd class liar who represents what the US has become...A 2nd class nation run by corporate America and an intelligence system that is anything but !


Peter Knopfler 15.11.2013 15:23

Alexander & Clapper= Twiddle dumb and Twiddle dumber,Professional, trained, liars, yes habitual LIARS. A nation ashamed,has secrets that create LIARS. Police State in ACTION,yes FEAR that fuels the USA war Economy, Fear that steals your tax money to maintain secrets and LIARS. American Indian Holocaust, a Genocide, that is kept a secret yet it is the blueprint for World domination of non-white peoples. USA, Money talks people die, or prisons for profits.ARMS SALE, NDAA, Drone kills, Patriot act Homeland Stupidity, all this Fear to steal your endless tax money for endless war, that needs endless oil. Connect the Dots.


temudjin 15.11.2013 15:14

groingo 15.11.2013 15:01

I find it difficult to trust a civilian dressing up like GI Joe, this guy has serious mental issues.


A hero with mental issues... yeah ok...


Björn Holm 15.11.2013 15:03

Snowden has given the world one question without simple answer???
What is the real meaning of spying???

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