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US spied on Russian President Medvedev at 2009 G20 summit – NSA leaks

16.06.2013 19:59

As Britain readies to host the G8 summit, the documents uncovered by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed that back in 2009 US spies intercepted top-secret communications of then Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, during his visit to London.

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Anonymous user 17.06.2013 13:55

Tell President Putin to return Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring because it's probably bugged! Lol!

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 13:55

US-Americans were not able, foreboding their Zionification through "careing System"!

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 13:29

WoooW! That's a news! US spied on Russia!! Who could have believed it??!!!!!

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 12:58

Fairness unit peoples & unfairness makes them separate.

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 12:34

It seems americans are satisfied with the USgovs work,if not they would b out on streets in millions

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 12:31

americans are stupid not as in stupid but as in foolish for allowing USA to do what it does.


PR101 17.06.2013 12:30

They didn't collect data. Just metadata.

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 12:25

don't get all figgerty jiggerty over this,stay calm & the spying will stop,they'l give in in the end

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 12:21

not even wait a hundred years to blame the people for what gov does to them

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 12:20

Don't blame politics? Just stupid Americans~Huh? People's fault stroke politicians ego on that

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